Asprey makes wonderful childrens gifts

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 13 January 2014, in Brands

Asprey is one of those famous names that instantely reminds people of class, beauty and quality. So really anything that comes with this name on it speaks about preciousness. A childhood is one of the most precious times in a person's life.

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And our mothers and fathers try to keep some of our stuff from this precious time for us in boxes. Which usually end up in the attic somewhere. Our drawings, sheets with our name on it when we wrote it down for the first time, our crafts. But rarely really precious items are given to children.

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Which makes sense of course, apart from the costs, it's usually not something the child may really use or play with. But it is nice to think of something like this as gift maybe. As it will always remain in the family, it could become a piece that goes from one generation to the next. Much like jewelry does. 

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Asprey did some wonderful items in sterling silver. You can find them online or in their boutiques. Prices range from 250£ till 3000£.


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