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By Esther Ligthart on Wednesday, 18 March 2015, in Brands

Today Bizzita joined the presentation of deGrisogono at the Basel trade fair, live through Hangouts. Together with some of the greatest bloggers and it was a fun experience. Although the sound, as you may hear, was not great, it was such a great initiative to do this presentation like this. deGrisogono has shown how they are not afraid to try something new! 


My question is around the 10th minute :-) I kindly asked Fawaz Gruosi about his dream. His dream for his company, as he has accomplished already so much so far...what is his dream for the coming years? You will enjoy his answer!

deGrisogono is a very thoughtful company

In fact, it is one of the most attentive companies that I have come across so far....And I am in the jewelry business since 1993. I had prepared a couple of questions, but couldn't ask them all as time was limited and we had some technical problems during the interview. But I admit that it was also fun to hear the questions of the others, much appreciated, bloggers.

Drive and dreams

My background is sales and marketing in jewelry. I tend to talk to companies from that point of view. And as I love entrepeneurs and their attitude towards entrepeneurship, I always love to know what it was that pushed them to start their company. Because most of the time companies start with a dream. And a frustration. 

Frustration about how things are and the dream of change and doing it much better. But many entrepeneurs love to build their business but sometimes lose their trigger when all goals are met, all initial dreams are fulfilled. So, I like to know, when you have reached so much as Fawaz Gruosi, in terms of his collections, the fame, the red carpet and so on, what is the dream and vision for the future. What is it that keeps him going with the same energy and same interest as 22 years ago, when he actually started the company. 

The Love for daughters

One of my curiosities was also: deGrisogono has a fabulous collection called Allegra, it's dedicated to this first born daughter. I checked but couldn't find a Violetta collection. And it was very lovely to see that in the end, he surprises his daughter Violetta with a really stunning watch. Love VV ( waiting for the right spelling ;-), which as soon as we get a good photo, will publish this of course! Together with the other stunning new pieces. 

I adore deGrisogono as they are daring, flamboyant, cutting edge and have truly the most wonderful jewelry and watches in their collection. 

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A special thanks to Violetta Gruosi, Fawaz Gruosi, and the bloggers and writers that attented the conference like: Katerina Perez, Andrea Tisci, Kyle Editor, Liza Urla, Marion Fasel, Beanie Major, Valentina Nessi, The Jewelcollective...thanks all!




DeGrisogono Basel




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