Ivanka Trump jewelry, my favorite pieces!

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 04 December 2014, in Brands

When I looked at the jewelry of Ivanka Trump for the first time, it struck me as being so very pleasing to the eye. Simple and elegant. Really, it seemed almost too much in harmony with the lady owning the brand. Can't help to find her very beautiful :-)

The Chalcedony collection. A gemstone that I am very fond of! All is in 18 kt gold and mounted with diamonds.  Earrings: 2800 dollar. The ring: 5300 dollar and the pendant including the necklace: 3800 dollar




A true collection

In my times as a jewelry buyer I looked at many collections. There are so many aspects in building a collection and a brand. The problem for many is that they exist for many years and they maybe grew from a small bench jewelry company to a bigger one over the years. Maybe now they have a logo and collections that make sense. But when you go into their office or booth at a trade fair, you get overwhelmed. The idea you had, when you looked at their marketing efforts, is sometimes so different than what you find inside! So, I grew to love brands that took it very seriously to look at every aspect of their brand communication and I found it very pleasing to find a presentation of what I expected once inside the company.


The color purple never fails to fascinate. The amethyst ring is mounted with diamonds on 18kt white gold: 5400 dollar. The green ring: Green tourmaline and prasiodite, with diamonds on 18kt yellow gold: 5850 dollar. And the green with purple ring is amethyst with tourmaline, diamonds and white gold: 5950 dollar

Well organized

Ivanka Trump’s collection has that same sense of coherency. It matches, it is clean and elegant. Like the woman who is the face of the company. Never frivolous ( not that I am against frivolous ;-) but you get a sense of a well-organized brand.


Amethyst earrings and pendant, mounted with diamonds and 18kt white gold. The pendant: 6100 USD and the earrings: 5400 USD

This is jewelry for everyone!

The jewelry is easy on the eyes, not fuzzy and I am sure: a lot of women ( and man) will love this collection. It is the kind of jewelry that a woman would love to buy for herself. And if you are a partner of a woman ( spouse or woman or boyfriend, pick what suits you)I assure you: you will make a very good and appreciated decision if you go for this brand.


Now there is a lot to choose from but I picked my favorite pieces!


The T shape beautifully designed into these gorgeous ring, bracelets and earrings: the earrings: 3950 USD. The Ring: 1600 USD. The bracelet 8600USD  and the cuff bracelet: 5950USD 

If inspired you can go to either the web shop or check for a jeweler near you! Shops selling Ivanka Trump jewelry can be found in United States, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Russia and China.

Ivanka trump Ring R0463-YDIBC

Ivanka TrumpE0410-Y

Ivanka Trump Ring gift ideaR0480-WDIAMGT

Ivanka Trump E0453-WDIAM


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  • Aamal Ewida

    Aamal Ewida

    01 July 2018 at 23:28 |
    I am looking for amethyst 18 k gold necklace and ring


    • Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      03 July 2018 at 14:12 |
      Hi Aamal, no jeweler near you that offers something you love? Kind regards, Esther


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