Misis brings you some great Christmas inspiration: affordable Christmas jewelry

By Esther Ligthart on Wednesday, 17 December 2014, in Brands

Misis is an Italian company that does a lot of beautiful designs. They have also done a beautiful Christmas theme. Come and see it for yourself!


Earrings top: 120 euro Bottom; 146 euro

I met with Misis last year on the trade show. I am always interested to see beautiful jewelry but have a very *commercial* eye. I have been in the jewelry trade for so many years, that my eye is always open to products that are well made and easy to sell. With just that little thing extra that makes them stand out.


Necklace:172 euro and the bracelet:289 euro

The designs are wonderful and if I had one remark to make it would be that the collection is simply too big to handle.

I will show you some more jewelry of this and other companies that can make great gifts without you going bankrupt!


I personally love these earrings: 157 euro and the necklace is 106 euro.


Should you want anything, you can always check it online here:


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