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By Esther Ligthart on Friday, 03 February 2017, in Brands

It’s no secret that I have always been incredibly charmed by the Roberto Coin company. Of course, their collection of animal jewelry is so wonderful, it would be already reason enough to adore them. But as you dive into the story of the company and learn about the origins and philosophy of it’s creative father, Roberto Coin, you just remain in awe.

Did you know that now they have created the possibility to purchase directly from their showroom in Italy?

Let us take you with us, as we dive together into the story of Roberto Coin and his amazing jewelry brand.


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Roberto Coin  

The story of Roberto Coin

The story of Roberto Coin is a fascinating one. His background is in the hotel business, where he was a hotel manager. He started his jewelry company in 1996 and worked with people who knew how to translate his creative ideas in tangible objects. Striving for incredible quality, for which the brand is still known today.


 Roberto Coin JewelryValentine s DayPrincess Collectionearrings

Jewelry collections

I love the creativity of the brand, but even more perhaps their flexibility in adapting to different markets and different tastes. The brand does not impose a certain type of jewelry on all its clients, but offers a very wide range of styles. That being said, there is a common factor between all the collections: quality & craftsmanship. Many of the pieces require specialist goldsmiths. I know, it isn’t always easy to see for someone who is not from the jewelry trade, but believe me, certain pieces can’t be made by just any goldsmith.

 Roberto Coin JewelryValentine s DayPrincess Collection

Social responsibility

Another thing I love about the brand, is its awareness of injustice in the trade and the will to make things better by embracing social responsibility as one of the core values of the company. The brand actively supports the Dodd Frank Act, which requires a certification that guarantees the provenience from a conflict free zone for all gold imported in the USA.

Roberto himself is on board of the World Diamond Council, which together with the U.N., has played an important role in creating the Kimberley Process (conflict free diamonds) Certification Scheme. He regularly speaks, around the globe, about the importance of all this on various events. In the U.S. he worked with Christy Turlington in a still famous ad campaign, supporting her Every Mother Counts charity project as well as Youth Aids, Care.

Giving back is something that Roberto Coin feels quite strongly about. I personally embrace this, I think that successful companies and people have such a wonderful chance to play an important role in making the world a little better. Either by donating, supporting, actively playing a role or being a mentor.

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Love is in the details

Did you know that every single piece of jewelry by Roberto Coin, contains a little amulet? a small ruby on the inside of each jewel, that touches the skin of its wearer. Roberto tells us that it is the ultimate stone of passion and that the Egyptians believed that this red wonder, in contact with the skin, bestows happiness, prosperity and longevity on the person wearing it. A gentle touch of wishing the clientele of Roberto Coin well.

 Roberto Coin JewelryValentine s DayPrincess Collectionrings

A Roberto Coin monobrand store at your fingertips!

Although the company serves about a 1000 jewelry stores in 60 countries, one can’t always find a store nearby. This is no longer a problem for the lovers of Roberto Coin jewelry!

There is a showroom at their headquarters in Vicenza, Italy and a beautifully, easy to navigate, e-boutique on the website. You can find a wide range of various pieces of jewelry, whether your taste is classic or eclectic and anything in between.

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This is how it works:

Every time a client orders a piece of jewelry online, one of the e-store managers, goes to the showroom, opens the window to take the piece out and sends it to be checked one final time. Orders in Europe take about 2 days* to reach the client, delivered conveniently to your door by a special service and should you wish so, in gift wrapping, containing all the documentation, information, bags and so forth, just as if you bought it in a brick and mortar store.

Some people might be hesitant to buy jewelry online, but with Roberto Coin, you simply cannot go wrong. It’s  jewelry that will enchant you and it just fails, time and time again, to ever disappoint!

 Roberto Coinjewelry PrincessFlowerGiftOnline

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is nearing! Wish to celebrate this day with giving your love a truly special gift? Then you might want to check out the Princess collection!

This lovely collection contains that distinguishing twisted wire craftsmanship with surfaces that alternate from smooth to rough. It has the iconic shape of petals and comes in various forms. Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, it’s all there. Flowers, jewelry and love, isn’t that just the perfect Valentine’s gift?

Ps. *Shipping is always free!

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