Giovanni Raspini has a new jewelry collection and it is right on trend!

on Tuesday, 09 September 2014, in Designers

Giovanni Raspini has a wonderful new collection. Come and see and check out why I think they deserve to become a big and very popular brand worldwide.

Giovanni Raspini Bizzita

The bracelets of the Savanna Collection by Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini has made a wonderful collection for the next season 2014-2015. And it is right on trend. Animalier and fairytale are just two of the biggest trends this upcoming season in fashion.

1 Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Savanna animalier Panther

A daring ring with a beautiful leopard


The collection is bold and beautiful, just as we are used to see from this Italian company based in Tuscany. Raspini has its origins in homeware silver. Even in the days when I lived in Italy and ran the jewelry store, we stocked some of their wonderful and very elaborated photo frames. But as far as I know, they did not make any jewelry back then.

Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Savanna

Crocodiles on your arm. Love it. 

It was years later that they started producing a jewelry collection. A great step in my opinion. They stuck to their origins in style and appearance. And I always love it when people stay true to themselves. When a company does that, it gives you a sense of.....well, that they know who they really are and embrace that, it feels like they show a little of the soul of that company. I am not sure if I am using the right words, but I hope you do get what I am trying to say. In my own humble opinion this collection brings them a step closer to becoming a worldwide renowned brand for their high quality silver jewelry. It has all the potential to become a really great brand that will find its way to the heart of many people in many different corners of the world.

Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Iris

The Iris Collection

1 Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Savanna animalier.2

Details of the Savanna bracelets

1 Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Savanna animalier

Rings from the Savanna Collection by Giovanni Raspini

1 Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Savanna animalier.3

Back to their roots; photo frames

Bizzita Giovanni Raspini Golden Rainbow

The Golden Rainbow collection all by Giovanni Raspini

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