Funny story about a not so funny jewelry theft

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 22 May 2014, in News

On Sunday, the 18th of May a jewelry thief entered first with a woman and a child in a buggy  in the Kinston store of the jewelry chain: Ernest Jones.  He later came back alone, wanting to see the same rings again. Now this is perfectly normal to happen. First a couple watches together and the man later returns to buy the *surprise* for his lady. 


Ernest Jones Theft

But this man managed to grab the rings, worth  £18.000 and ran. What he left behind however, was his bag. Containing his mobile. And the screensaver of his mobile was a selfie. So, here you have a thief that made it very easy to be tracked down. The 27 year-old French Germain Ibrahim Fofana, appears to be still on the run. But I guess; not for long.

Jewel Thief poster

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