Are wedding rings just big business?

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 20 January 2014, in Inspiration

It is true; the wedding industry is huge industry. And the numbers are rising worldwide. The jewelry industry has put a lot of effort in campaigns, which in the beginning failed dramatically. However, nowadays the jewelry industry is making a huge global marketing effort to encourage bridal jewelry worldwide. And not without success. 


Wedding happycouple dog

Lots of choice

Just pop in a nice jewelry store in the Netherlands or the United States and you will find an overwhelming amount of wedding bands to choose from. Different brands carry thousands of different designs. And you, as a couple, with all the choices you have to make in the period prior to your wedding, have the task to choose the right one.

History of wedding rings

Wedding rings go way back in history. Historically, the wedding ring was connected to the exchange of valuables at the moment of the wedding. A wedding wasn’t so much based on love between two people, but much more an agreement or contract between two families. The economic safety of the young couple as well as that of their families had to be ensured.

Wedding traditional exchange

Marketing of the jewelry industry

In Western Europe it is a tradition for both partners to wear a wedding ring. Something that is relatively new in the United States. The American jewelry industry started a campaign in the late 19th century. That failed completely but in the late 1940’s it became an accepted custom and 80% of marriages were double-ring ceremonies. Nowadays the jewelry industry is making global marketing efforts to encourage the trend of double-ring weddings worldwide. Not without effect! The wedding industry ( including jewelry) is an interesting one. It is growing and in some countries; booming. Here are some numbers I found on the internet and they are very impressive: 

Country, turnover in dollars (inhabitants)

  • American wedding industry: 52 billion ( 317.000.000).
  • Indian wedding industry:  38 billion (
  • Australian wedding industry: 2 billion (22.000.000)
  • The Netherlands wedding industry: 1 billion (17.000.000)

India is still a rising economy so these numbers might go up quickly in the coming years.

Wedding Indian wedding ring ceremony

Scene from an Indian Wedding


In the United States an average couple spends around $  4.400 on an engagement ring and around $ 2000 on the wedding bands. In the Netherlands there is not a vivid culture around engagement rings, but the amount of money spent on the wedding bands is around the same.

Wedding rings


A nice little touch to this pair of wedding rings!


In Italy there is a bit of a different culture in wedding rings. Even though there are some big Italian names like Damiani that do propose something different the main designs come back just to 5 models: The Francesina, the Sarda, the Etrusca, the Umbra and the Mantovana. And although Italy loves to spend on jewelry and accessories, when it comes down to weddings it is much more traditional than for example the United States or the Netherlands. In general: a couple in Italy will spend around € 500 on the wedding bands.

Read more here:

Wedding Damiani rings

Damiani co-designed these wedding bands with Brad Pitt

Love forever

A wedding band is the ultimate symbol of love, loyalty and a never ending bond between two people. There may be a strong and thriving industry around the whole wedding business, but ultimately it is a token, a symbol of love. And it is nice to look at that ring many years after your wedding and be reminded of the lovely things you felt for your love on that very special day.

Wedding Yellow gold Weddingbands

Classic pair of wedding bands in yellow gold


Wedding rings Mark Bos

Original design from Dutch goldsmith Mark Bos, with the fingerprints of the bride and groom. 


Wedding MarkBos Heartfilm bands

Another original idea by Mark Bos from the Netherlands. These ones have an EKG engraved of both partners. How romantic!


Wedding Celtic wedding rings

Celtic Weddingrings



Wedding Dutch Martinshof

In white and yellow gold and with diamonds for the bride:  wedding bands by Martinshof 

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    24 July 2017 at 14:54 |
    Today, Wedding Rings have become more beautiful than ever, fashioned from exquisite precious metals such as the traditional white and yellow gold, the super luxurious platinum, and even the revolutionary new palladium.


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