Brumani. Colourful jewellery from Brasil

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 21 November 2013, in Inspiration

Brumani just oozes fun. This colourful jewellery from Brazil is conquering the international jewellery market all over the world. And I think they have a huge potential of becoming really big.

Brumani Baobabrose earrings


The brand is created by the Brüner brothers. They are the grandsons of Italian and German immigrants and jewellery making runs in their blood. As they claim to be practically born in the factory of their father Antonio Carlos Brüner.

Brumani Baobabrose earrings1


Today they are attending the most important jewellery shows in the world and are ever more embraced by a celebrity public as well. This always helps a brand to create demand and create more glamour around their brand.

Brumani BaobabRose ring


But to be very fair; I think this brand stands out for their capacity to use colours in a contamporary way, yet still tick the boxes with the great classical jewellery designs. It has a sort of playfulness combined with these classic features. I foresee a great future for this brand.

Brumani Nude Bracelet

Brumani Baobab earrings

Brumani Panache

Brumani pink yellow rings

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