Can you guess the prices of these pieces of jewelry?

By Esther Ligthart on Wednesday, 18 February 2015, in Inspiration

One of the fun things people ask you when they know you have been working in the jewelry industry is if you can value their jewelry. Sometimes because they genuinely want to know, sometimes they seek confirmation if they’ve spend the money right. Is it well made, is it beautiful? Now, I think everyone who works in this industry for a longer period of time has developed their own strategy how to handle this question well…:-)

''Ahhh, you know all about jewelry? ''Can you tell me what this is worth?'' "Is it a good idea to get it repaired?'' ''Is it better to sell this''. "If I should sell it, what do you think it’ll be worth it''. ''Look how beautiful my bracelet is''. I get these kind of comments still on a weekly basis. Even if today I am only writing about jewelry, but I do love how they associate me with something that is so dear to them most of the time.

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  • Can you distinguish high end jewelry, from silver jewelry and fashion jewelry from all the rest?

  • Do you think you can guess the prices? Let’s see and have some fun! Look at the pieces of jewelry in this blog and try to see what you like, love or ....Then try to guess what the price is. How many did you get nearly right? 

  • Scroll down completely to check brands, prices and my comments on: *are they worth it?*


Estimate the value

Whether something is worthwhile repairing, well that is not so hard to actually give an opinion about. But what the value is of an item is much harder to estimate. And if it is worth the money..aiiii, I don’t like that question! There is well made high end jewelry and that is almost always very good. But that’s not the kind of jewelry one sees or wears on a daily basis and I certainly do not see many of that in my surroundings.

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Buy into a fashion tribe or like to belong to a large crowd? 

To be honest, most of the jewelry I see on people here around me, in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands is either fashion jewelry or silver or stainless steel jewelry from brands that invest a lot in marketing, which seems a bit the standard these days here, to have jewelers take on a brand. So you see a lot of the same brands wherever you go here. Are they worth the money? It depends! Now there is an answer that will only lead to more questions :-)) But even if I try my best to wiggle myself out of the conversation and go more into what the piece of jewelry means to them, why they bought it or from whom they got it, many still want an answer. Now I am on thin ice. Who am I to say something is expensive? Yes, a Michael Kors watch is immensely popular, but are they worth it? It’s worth it if you are looking to appear caring about fashion. Michael Kors has pushed sales in all kinds of accessories in a very heavy way lately and he is everywhere. A bit like DKNY 10-15 years ago. What you buy is not quality or a good watch, you buy a piece of fashion that others will recognize easily. You buy a bit of status and you buy a bit into the belonging to a tribe.

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Price alone does not tell the whole story

The same goes for jewelry. There is a lot of Pandora and similar brands of jewelry on the streets these days. Is it expensive? In my eyes it is rather pricy for what you get, but….that’s just one part of the story. Pandora, Endless jewelry and some other companies invest heavily in marketing. It has become for some a bit of a thing to have a real Pandora and not some rip off. It has emotional value as people choose carefully each bead. And I think emotional value outstands the value in terms of money by far.

It was my own hubby who suggested that on my blog I put a lot of jewelry, but never any price. I explained to him that it would simply cost me too much time to seek all the prices and they are not always available. I try to inspire not to sell, but well…he does have a point of course!

So I thought: let's make it fun and let's challenge you, our much appreciated reader, to guess the prices :-)

My personal tip, when you think about buying a piece of jewelry, would be to search for brands that are not so heavy into marketing maybe. And actually make something that is beautiful yet not seen everywhere. Hopefully you will find that kind of inspiration also here on Bizzita weekly! To see the prices and my opinion on the pieces and price, scroll down!

Jewelry ideas prices

Value is not just the price…value is what something really means to you.

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Now scroll ↓ down and check the prices! :-)))










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From left to right:1. Les Nereides octopus ring 140,- euro: a Parisian fashion jewelry company, so in metal or gold plated metal, famous for it's fantastic designs and fairytales. I love this company for it's fantasy. It's not really cheap but worth the fun and originality. 2. Lydia Courteille 19.425,- euro. Throughout my blog you'll find a lot of her jewelry. Also from Paris but this brand does fantasy jewelry in the high end jewelry version. Often very limited editions or one of a kind. If you go to Paris, you should visit this boutique! Not for everyone's taste or pocket, but if you can afford it; it is definitely worth it's price! 3. Misis bracelet with sea theme: 574,- euro. This is one of those less known brands but that really offer very good value for their money. Their designs are original and often you will find smaller versions of the same theme, starting for as little as 50,- euro. All pieces are made in silver, combined with enameling or gemstones. 4. Adami & Martucci Mesh ring: 169,- This brand is expanding rapidly her amount of dealers in many countries. It's produced partly in Italy and Bali. Sterling silver plated with rhodium or gold. The ring is not expensive and not cheap but fair priced. It's fun to wear and good value for money. 5. Yves Saint Laurent Logo ring: 195,- This is a ring for fashion victims perhaps ;-) a beautiful example of how a famous fashion brands often presents fashion ( non precious) jewelry. Is it worth the 195,- euro? In my eyes, this piece is funny but very overpriced for what you actually get. You buy status but get a cheap looking piece of jewelry. Pity, this could have been done so much better! (they do in fact have far better fashion jewelry pieces) 6. Les Nereides 150,- euro earrings. Did you think at first sight this was a piece of high end jewelry? I would not have blamed you! If you would hold this in your hand and compare it to Lydia Courteille's earrings, you would definitely notice the huge difference in quality. But this earrings are well made, not super cheap, but I would recommend these immidiately if you are looking for something that is original and that you will enjoy. Keep in mind that for 150,- euro's you can also opt for silver earrings of other brands. 7. Roberto Cavalli 570,- euro snake bracelet. I have a similar bracelet by H & M, designed by Anna dello Russo for 39,- euro. And it's a fantastic piece for a fabulous price. But this bracelet is in my opinion a bit overpriced. You pay a lot for the brand's name. Again; that might be  just what you are looking for! 8. Daniela Villegas Ra necklace 8100,- euro. An exiting ad charming piece of jewelry. It's rather expensive, but it is definitely something that will remain beautiful and that, should your daughter like it too, become a heirloom piece. For this amount of money, you can find a lot of beautiful jewelry. 9. Misis bracelet in gold plated silver: 578,- euro. This is simply worth every cent! It's well made, original and fun. 10.Oscar de la Renta hyacinth necklace 840,- euro I loved his dresses and he has been one of the most important designers of fashion and couture. This is a fashion jewelry necklace. So difficult to judge if it is worth the money. I think it is an enormous amount of money for something that doesn't contain anything precious other than its brand name. won't find jewelry this big and colorful in silver for that price. It's branded and may actually keep it's value as it is very decorative. Only you can decide if it is worth it!. 11. Jose & Maria Barrera necklace: 617,- euro. I never heard of this brand before but noticed them on the Neiman Marcus website. The stones are real but the metal is not silver. I like the design, but think it's anything but cheap and I can't figure out yet why it is so expensive. 12. Salvatore Ferragamo shoe pendant in 18kt gold. 6000,- euro. When I saw the shoe I immidiately loved it! But at 6000,- euro it is very expensive for what you actually get, in my opinion. But you must be aware of the fact that again here, you pay much more for the brand's name than for the actual value. Lovely piece but ....worth thinking twice about it. And again, at this price the choices in beautiful jewelry is enormous.13. Endless jewelry 129,-  This is one brand like Pandora (the founder used to work with Pandora) that puts an astonishing amount of money into marketing. A big celebrity name like Jennifer Lopez and knowledge how to give jewelers what they want, have proved to be extremely succesful. But I find it hard to say if it's worth it. At this price you can find charms and beads with more fantasy than this one. Every time you see a lot of marketing, you should be very aware that you are paying for this. With big established names that have a long record of success it might be worth to pay a bit more for that marketing. But with newer companies like Pandora and Endless and so many others I doubt if it is worth that extra money, only the future will tell. If you love it all the same, then of course you should buy it! As I said so many times: value is not just the price but far more: value in jewelry is emotional value, what a piece really means to you. It's often those pieces that we are saddest about when we loose them, and they are not always the most priced pieces!

* sources:, webshops of the featured brands, febr.2015


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