Coachella and the boho chic jewelry style

By Esther Ligthart on Saturday, 11 April 2015, in Inspiration

Almost every year, since 1999 there is this famous music festival in Indio, California, called: Coachella. It seems that there are as much lovers as haters around, but I am not going into the fact whether this festival is worth it, or if the music is good. We just love to see how it developed to a certain clothing and jewelry style.

Coachella Style jewelry hair bags

Flower crowns as found on Etsy, the star fish is from Jax bee, the ring above is in gold and diamonds by Casato, the duffel bag is by  A.S.98 and the friendship bracelet are a big thing on festival wear: Ippocampo Gioielli

The best way to describe the style is probably boho chic. Slightly hippie and romantic. The theme seems to be: youth and freedom. A sort of laid back sexy style, that reminds us a bit of the various festival styles of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s perhaps.


Coachella Style jewelry inspiration

Aurelie Bidermann, Gripoixvbracelet, fashion jewelry footwear as found on Etsy, Exotic wear for hear by Paradise Gypsies and Rita Ora at Coachella

The festival seems to attract a lot of young famous people too and as usual: they are not shying away from taking lots of selfies. It is maybe true that everyone is their own brand now, but I just get how much pressure this might give to all those young people who do not have the same kind of possibilities moneywise. However, the coachella style does not have to be very expensive.

Coachella style tattoo jewelry

Jewelry Tattoos are found on Sephora and many other online stores, Alberta Ferretti's romantic style is perfect for the rich girls visiting Coachella.

Coachella style fashion jewelry

The colorful jewelry is by Ayala Bar (both pictures) the small rings are found on Etsy and the bracelet is by Messika

There is a lot of jewel tattoo’s around. Not only are they very decorative and gorgeous, but they prevent you from worrying to lose your belongings as festivals usually do not have locked places to keep your stuff safe. Fashion jewelry works also great and trends like wearing more than one small necklace, stacking bracelets and wearing lots of little rings can be easily achieved with inspiring fashion jewelry without sending your bank account into that dangerous red zone ;-) Bandana’s, flowers in your hair, long earrings, short pants, lace tops, duffel bags, lots of jewelry, this is the idea of Coachella wear.

Coachella style jewelry boho chic

                                           More images of the festival with celebs like the Hilton sisters. more flower crowns as found on Etsy and body jewelry tattoo's, the ring with chain is by Casato gioielli from Rome and the wing ring is by Messika


For those however, who have the possibility to spend, there is a lot of stunning jewelry that has that same flair of boho chic, freedom, unconventional and young spirit. I love to see how influences of different cultures become ever more integrated into this lovely style of fashion, accessories and jewelry. Whether you really visit the festival or not, this style gives us all the feeling of summer and fun, and lightness and freedom. Easy to see why it is soooo appealing!

Peace & Love, Esther

 Coachella Fashion jewelry

Earrings by LK Design, rings by Djula, friendship bracelet by Sence Copenhagen. friendship bracelet with elephant pendant etc. by Sodini, both necklaces are by Dori Csengeri


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