Favorite Christmas jewelry video's: Tiffany

By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 23 December 2014, in Inspiration

I love good a good jewelry advertisement. Especially on video! There are way too little companies that actually do this. Maybe because it's too niche or... However: today I wanted to show you a company ad that really knows how to stick to its color and image.

The atmosphere in the ad and the pictures is just really all Tiffany. You could not be mistaken and it's clear and simple. Simple is the hardest thing to do in advertisment and communication....So I am in awe when companies really manage to do it well...

Tiffany jewelry Bizzita 2 

Merry Christmas!!

Tiffany jewelry Bizzita 5

Tiffany jewelry Bizzita 4

Tiffany jewelry Bizzita 3

Tiffany Xmas





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