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By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 08 May 2014, in Inspiration

The garden is one of the big joys for my five year old little boy. He loves to play soccer, jump on the trampoline, chill in the grass...But most of all he loves to turn around stones, much to the delight of his parents (not!) to search for a woodlouse. And maybe dig up an earth-worm too. 

LydiaCourteille Dark Jewelry

Lydia Courteille made a ring with bats sort of drinking from a dark pool. You cannot get it any darker maybe, but actually bats are wonderful fragile little creatures! 

And then they are put in boxes, that I find everywhere in my home. Luckily I am not the most squeamish kind of woman! 


Akhamad Soddiq spider...And I think this is actually a bracelet. Funny...

In jewelry there is a fond love for all things crawling and creepy. We will find snakes and bats, spiders and skulls. Bones and so forth. I think that worn with some humor, it can be fun to add to your outfit. Especially if you are rather ladylike, or a bit of a romantic soul. It just shows that little darker side of us. And we all have that, right?

Elena Estaun horn jewelry



But if you are all into bikes and leather, you can also enjoy a wide variety of beautiful, fun jewelry. Dark jewelry with a twist of fun. Dark jewelry with a intriguing kind of beauty to it. Dark jewelry that makes you want to look twice at the piece √°nd the one wearing it.


This beautiful ring is actually made with carved elk antler K. Brunini

Come and indulge in our darker side :-)))

1.Arunashi spider pendant

You do need a bit of humor to really want to wear this, but I can imagine just loads of people who would love this. The spider is wonderfully made by Arunashi


No doubt about this snakes defensive attitude, enamel, gold and diamonds with a ruby eye by Zorab


1.DeGrisogono Dark Jewelry

For funny games in a very classy style :-) De Grisogono


1.HelmuthPEndant Dark Jewelry

 For the more goth lovers in black and white diamonds by Helmuth

1.HenriJSilam Dragon ring Dark Jewelry

Henri J. Silam...dragons don't frighten me if they come cute as this ring




This little bad-ass bracelet is by Horsecka

KathyRose silver Serpente bracelet

By K. Rose



Stephen Webster's Thorn ring.

Paolo Piovan jewelry

I know it is a spider but it is just so gorgeously made!


Skulls have moved from being a biker theme to a rather strong fashion statement many years ago. And they still rock. Not everyone's taste for sure, but I guess it is maybe a case of not taking them seriously and see the fun of it all. From left to right, above to under: 1. Alexander Mc Queen 2. Vida 3. Daniela Espinosa 4. Pendant by Bohemme 5 & 6 are by Lydia Courteille



Cute little creepy animals! From left to right, above to under: 1. Ponte Vecchio 2. Bat ring by Stephen Webster 3. grashopper by: Mark Schneider 4. Scorpio bracelets by Roberto Coin 5. Dark little dragon crreature by Rhonda Faber 6. Wonderful snake ring in black diamond Anita Ko 7. Important bracelet with big spider By Matthew Campell  8. Last but certainly not least: Paolo Piovan



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