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By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 18 October 2016, in Inspiration

My core belief about jewelry is this: it doesn't matter how expensive or cheap a piece of jewelry is, but what it brings to the owner is all that matters. 

Jewelry becomes, once owned, a very personal thing. It commemorates important moments in life. As a gift perhaps, or maybe it belonged to someone you love and/or miss. It’s a reminder of family and tradition. It may be that you bought it yourself, to congratulate yourself with an achievement, to soothe yourself when in pain, or simply because you are worth it.

Jewelry will always play a huge role in our lives, we don't need it, but when it is there, they become tangible objects of our emotions and memories... 


Jewelry is ARTBut it becomes valuable onlywhen emotions are added 


The job of the creator....

It is the job of the jewelry creator, the designer, the goldsmith all down to the sales person, to fully and deeply understand this. This is why they need to use their special skills, whether they are creators, designers, factory owners, marketing or pr people, to again; the sales people, to translate what they sense, what they hear, what they feel when looking and listening to people, in order to make or sell them the best jewelry possible, in whatever price category. To become a great salesperson or any of the aforementioned professionals, you might want to get bigger ears. And a bigger heart with love and empathy.

You need to create with a sort of endless love and understanding for people and their lives,  in your mind.

Esther Ligthart

I am Esther, jewelry is a huge part of my adult life.

I am Esther, I worked in jewelry for most of my adult life. I have learned a lot and made a million mistakes along the way. One of the biggest perhaps was to take rejection personal and shut down listening  carefully to others, especially when I worked in sales. I learned to appreciate objects made with care, love and incredible skills. Not everything needs to be made with incredible skills. The people of the world need also just nice things, without it needing to be a piece of art, but I claim that love for people and love for what you do, is the main ingredient of a good piece of jewelry. 

I am therefore not easily impressed by the sheer size of a diamond, I perhaps find diamond rings, the traditional ones not the most exciting pieces of jewelry. I would rather confess that in a beautiful stone, I see Mother Nature and even our connection to the Galaxies if you will. I find the rare and less rare gemstones wonders of nature. We have a tendency to give one more value than the other, but they are all incredibly interesting and contain a whole world in them. A narrative story about the world itself and a cultural one of assets that we contribute to the stone.


Humility and Humanity are more interesting than the sheer sparkle of success

It's also because of all this, that I can perhaps admire a story of success but am immune to polished marketing stories of a brand, designer or person. Although I always wish them to enjoy that success, of course, I am much more interested in their blood, sweat and tears, their struggles and their resilience. There is not much inspiration to get out of other people's success stories, but everything from their resilience and fights. Humility and humanity are far more impressive to me than the sheer luster and sparkle of success. 

And I am convinced that all this matters far more than we realize, whether we are people buying or already owning a piece of jewelry; it will connect to our emotional being. And when you create or sell a piece of jewelry, be aware that you are the creator of tangible piece of human emotions.

This, this is my core belief about jewelry.

Love, Esther



Some of my work: I write for several magazines such as VO+ and Jewels & Watches Info. I also give training and workshops. 

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  • GoldyRocks


    24 October 2016 at 10:20 |
    This is exactly how I feel about jewellery! It's more than just an accessory it's completely part of you and shows your personality more than any item of clothing does. Great article and beautiful words that really ring true! Check out


  • Grenier


    17 November 2016 at 18:27 |
    I'm totally in. My life without jewelry it's not the same. I can't breath with out it! Thanks for sharing!


  • George


    26 December 2019 at 11:20 |
    Some truly nice stuff ߋn tһis web site, I love it.


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