Palmiero, artist designer from Valenza

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 04 November 2013, in Inspiration

Palmiero is one of those designers you hardly ever see in a shop. Of course, his jewelry isn't for a large public. The price tags alone cut out most of us as future clients! 




Oscar for Jewelry Design

This last autumn (2013) he won the Oscar for jewellery. An event held in Piedmont every year. He won it of course for his eclectic design and his amazing creativity. 

Valenza jeweler

Carlo Palmiero is a child of Valenza. Born with gold dust in their hair. He attended the well known Valenzan Scuola professionale di arte orafa, which prepares many goldsmiths and artist for their careers in jewelry. But of course that is just preparation. The real learning starts when you start working in one of the many laboratories of Valenza. The many master goldsmiths that live and work there are the real secret to the succes, despite the crisis, of Valenza. 


My secret desire!

Carlo Palmiero has around 60 people these days working with him and exports his jewellery to the most wealthy clients of jewelers around the world. I am totally and utterly in love with his work. And my secret desire is the little elephant running around so happily with her proboscis up in the air (good luck sign in Italy).


palmiero---eli il-cucciolo-di-elefante-f1d32


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