Jewelry with Animals, part 1

By Esther Ligthart on Wednesday, 16 October 2013, in Inspiration

Throughout history animals have been an important source of inspiration for artists! It's also been one of the favourite inspirations for jewellery designers. From playful to bold and impressive and childlike funny. 


I am completely in love with jewellery that have animals as inspiration. I am aware it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I just adore the sense of humor and the kind of unexpected twist so many designers give to their jewellery. 

Like these wonderful pieces:


Solange Pig

Solange Partridge Azagury

Bee pendant

Fashion jewellery also uses animals in their designs, this is from Brigitte Bijou.

Kikkers Bijou Brigitte 495

For the more outspoken people and the daring ones! Lions! From the lovely Spanish company: Carrera y Carrera:


carrera-y-carrera-2091169 0x440

A much sweeter ring from Solange Azagury Partridge:

 Solange Supernature

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