Spring is in the air! Butterflies

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 24 March 2014, in Inspiration

In every part of the world we may have mixed feelings when we find ourselves confronted with bugs, spiders and ants and well really; any kind of insect. But there is one species that stands out. One insect we all embrace and love. Wherever you are you will find people that start to smile when they see a butterfly.

Bizzita Butterflies Wallace-Chan FlutteryBrooch

Stunning brooch by Wallace Chan

Children and painters love butterflies

And children love to chase them and painters and artist love to use them in their arts or inspiration.  Butterflies are appealing to us. They don’t bite, they are not poisonous, they are only beautiful.

Bizzita ButterfliesWallace-Chan-jewelry-0004

Another magnificant brooch by Wallace Chan

Butterflies are pure inspiration and beauty

And of course, the first butterflies announce the arrival of Spring! Jewelers over the past ages have used the butterfly as a source for their inspiration with much love and a sort of tenderness. It is an animal that is so delicate, with such a short life and with the striking colors and patterns. It just a never ending source of beauty.

Bizzita Butterflies AurelieBidermann

A playful combination of butterflies by Aurelie Bidermann



Bizzita Butterfly Tiffany CoralGOLD

Gold and light pink/orange coral, a necklace with a butterfly by Tiffany

Bizzita Butterflies Wallace Chan jewelry

Wallace Chan

Bizzita Butterflies WallaceChan FairyWalk

In Chinese culture the butterfly stands for everlasting love and the idea of life being a dream. For the famous master jeweller Wallace Chan, it has an additional meaning: the power of life.

Bizzita Butterflies Buccellati

Such delicate work by Buccellati, like lace. These butterflies are incredibily beautiful

Bizzita Butterflies DeGrisogono

A bracelet by De Grisogono. This enormous butterfly is rich and colorful and very bold like only De Grisogono dares to make them

Bizzita butterflies Brooch ForeverDancing

 Just look at the colors and the incredibile work done here

Bizzita Butterflies Buccellati1

The satin finishing makes it look almost like its real and at the same time, like it is a drawing. But it is real and gold, by another master in jewelry: Buccellati

Bizzita Butterflies LEVIan

A cheerful little butterfly is sitting on this lovely and very wearable ring by LeVian

Bizzita Butterflies LeVianring

This ring is one of my own personal favorites by the famous American brand; LeVian

Bizzita Butterflies Lovisetto Etsy

I found this piece on Etsy. It isn't pricy ( just 54 euro) and it looks stunning!



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