Tiffany Proves to be a True Icon!

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 25 November 2013, in Inspiration

Tiffany truly proves to be an icon. What other brand dares to use just the image of their packaging? It is mere suggestion of a very appreciated and valued gift and I applaud them for making this choice. 

There are only a few brands in the world who can do this. And get the message across even stronger. It does prove that you have been able to build a whole world around the product. Tiffany really nails this art. 

Tiffany 1

I came across their Christmas Campaign thanks to my husband who brought me Vogue UK after visiting the London Vet Show. Thanks to many ads in this magazine I spotted a clear trend: many big fashion names really started to give attention to jewellery. In most cases even just fashion jewellery, nothing in gold and silver. But it's interesting to see how many focussed on jewellery. I tend to be an optimist at times and think this may indicate a big come back for glamorous or chunky jewellery. I would love that, because I think jewellery has this amazing potential of making an outfit sparkle and become in an instant more interesting and personal!


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