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By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 12 January 2015, in Inspiration

Are you as curious as I am about all the new technological developments ? I find living today very exciting and I can really smile when I look at my 6 year old son, using the iPad as if it was the most normal thing in the world. If he wants to fold an airplane he goes to the pc and just puts: how to fold the fastest airplane for 6 years old. That last bit is soooo funny! But see, he already thinks in search terms! 





Wearable jewelry bracelets

Cuff jewelry is smart jewelry that simply notifies you. More about this jewelry here


Smart jewelry or fun gadget

Self-driving cars, wearables, injectable technology even, is all here to stay and develop. Some will make it as they are, some will develop into something better. Even though I like the fun gadgets, the thing that excites me most is that we develop solutions. Solutions for problems that occur, for instance, in health care. If a robot could do the heavy duty work, people could devote more quality time with the elderly or sick. Just a very small example, but an important one.

Wearable jewelry watches

Wearable jewelry and watches from Samsung, Apple and others....we are just at the beginning!

Robots to beat loneliness and improve our relationships? Bring it on!

There are people that claim that some will use robots or similar devices for companionship is a very sad thing. But if loneliness is such a huge issue in the world where we do not have this devices yet, why would anyone refuse to accept that maybe part of the solution could be in technology? I saw a program with a little robot used for a couple of years by a small group of autistic children that lacked social interaction skills. They had to ask specific questions to get interaction with their robot and learned that this works on a human interaction level as well. The test proved to be a success and this is thrilling.

wearable jewelry glass

Google glass is not the only one thinking about gear to wear around your head, but is indeed the most famous one. I am curious if we will use all different designs and so maybe not have all one or two tipical pieces of smart wearable jewelry or smart devices, but an enormous variety of  pieces to choose from.

Lots of data, when is it enough?

We are now in a sort of transition period where we find the first wearables that we can actually afford and that can measure a number of statistics for us. About our health especially. Counting every step, calorie, work out and so on. But as the numbers of apps and devices grow we are also seeing that many people actually start to use these apps very enthusiastically. And after a couple of weeks they get tired of it. Either they have got the message and learned how much they need to move on a daily basis or just do not want to be confronted the whole time with all kinds of data.

wearable jewelry smart watch google

Google smart watch

App to lose weight....same shocking effect as dieting

I used an app to see what I eat and count calories with a specific goal to lose weight. I did not lose weight. I started out just as enthusiastically as anyone, but after a few weeks ( and I think that was already a long time) I grew tired of having to fill in all what I ate. I felt bad about it…ate more and it had, in the end, the opposite effect. But that’s my personal experience of course, it doesn’t have to be yours.

Wearable ring jewelry smart Moodmetrix

The app, the ring and the team of Moodmetric


This year there is a new device on the market and as a jewelry blogger that is very interested in personal development, I wanted to show you too a little bit about it. The Finnish company Moodmetric will launch a ring that actually measures your emotional intelligence. My first thought was: my emotional intelligence is not measurable by a ring as it is so much more than my mood of course. But it seems that it can actually measure your mood and emotional levels. On the mobile app you will find a calm exercise that should help you to measure your meditative state of mind. Helping you to calm down, relax, even in the middle of the day.

wearble jewelry furture city

Images from a green yet very technilogical and smart future. I am curious ...so curious what will come true of all these ideas!
And I can see how this would work for a lot of people aching to gain more knowledge about their emotional state of mind during the day. Even if you are not aware of aching for it :-) But as a person that suffered for decades from hyperventilation attacks that I have learned to recognize in the earliest stage so it never comes to a full blown attack, I can relate to something that helps me to see that I am getting too agitated, breathe too fast, reacting too emotional. I find that one of my personal goals on an emotional intelligence level is to not get too drawn by my emotions but keep a more balanced mood. Recognizing a mood change by a ring, seems so ….I don’t know how to put it, but maybe a little bit more for the people who love meditation, yoga,  spiritual stuff in general.


Jewelry to help you calm down

 But I think it is great for a much larger group of people. Imagine that you can actually measure that you are about to enter a meeting and you notice that you are getting a bit too nervous. You can actually use that information to calm down even with some breathing exercises and this will help you significantly to not only make a better impression and perform better, but also to focus a lot better.

Wearable Jewelry

More images from the Moodmetric ring

More interesting designs in the future?

If I can say anything about the ring now, it is not jewelry as I love to see as jewelry blogger and a jewelry lover. But I think that it will take a little bit of time before Moodmetric will be able to come up with some different designs and much like the Siren ring, it is something to help you and only in second place a piece of jewelry.

wearable jewelry smart home

Smart house of the nearby future

Alice in Future Wonderland ;-)

Amongst the many developments that this kind of wearable technology will have in the future, there will be the adaptation of the technology within smaller rings and different designs. It is going to be such a balanced future! Can't help to feel a little bit Alice in Future Wonderland ;-)))

wearable jewelry future


Resource for Moodmetric jewelry: www.blogsrelease.com

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