'Resonances de Cartier' Jewelry Collection. High End, versatile and extremely beautiful jewelry!

By Esther Ligthart on Friday, 18 August 2017, in Brands

Cartier launched its newest haute joaillerie collection earlier this Summer at the Reform Club in London. The collection is filled with astonishing pieces of jewelry. Pieces may transform from necklaces to hairpins or brooches and most are like a little wink to Cartier's rich high-end jewelry past. Come and discover the Resonances jewelry collection by Cartier


Cartier Resonances jewelry

The Resonances collection seems to honor Cartier's earlier high-end jewelry collection. A kind of tribute to the best of the best! Later this year, Cartier will bring out more pieces to its Resonances collection, launching it this time in New York.

It all starts with the gemstones

The gemstones usually form the element from which any design starts, according to Cartier, and the gemstones are extremely beautiful in this collection. They really run the show! Obviously, this kind of jewelry is there to be admired by many, aspired by a lot, but available only to small group of clients throughout the world.CartierResonancesBracelet

Cartier Bracelet Resonances Tourmaline Diamond Panthere


Cartier Resonances Bracelet

Cartier Resonances carved emerald necklace

Cartier Resonances Earringsemerald

Cartier Resonances Earringsemerald.jpg2

Cartier Resonances Necklacepurple

Cartier Resonances Necklace blue

cartier Resonances Necklace diamond

Cartier resonances detail necklacebrooch

Cartier Resonances Panthere Bracelet ruby

Cartier Resonances Panthere Necklace

Cartier Resonances Ring

Cartier Resonances Tiara Emerald

Cartier resonances secret watch


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