Jewelry Video of the Week: De Grisogono shows their fun side!

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 24 April 2017, in Brands

This weeks jewelry video comes from a personal favorite of mine: de Grisogono. Yes, I do love their incredible high jewelry collections, but I adore their less expensive, more accessible jewelry even more. We must warn you for this video: it is cuteness overload! 

De Grisogono is for the rich

De Grisogono is simply not a brand for most of us, it is exclusive and aims at the richer people on this planet. It follows its very own path led by Fawaz Gruosi, the man who created the brand and still runs the company today. We can spot their jewelry on the various Red Carpets of the movie world and their party at the Cannes film festival is really something. 

Bizzita Crazymals frog video jewelry

Affordable and easy to wear

As I mentioned before, they do also carry a lovely, much more accessible, line of jewelry. The Allegra collection is so easy on the eyes, simply something most women will embrace and wear, without hesitation. There is a lot to gain for this brand, if it creates more fashionable and more accessible jewelry, but that's a whole different topic.

Crazymals, fun animal jewelry!

If you read, you know about my fetish for animal themed jewelry. And when animals and whimsical are mixed together, I can't help myself. I just adore it! Which one is your favorite? Would you wear something so funny? Or is classical more *your thing*? 

De Grisogono Allegra Bracelet JewelryVideo

Bracelet Allegra

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