Jewelry Video of the Week: Tiffany & Co featuring Grace Coddington

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017, in Brands

Let's start something new! As we all know: video becomes increasingly important. At Bizzita we have decided to bring you more video content brought by brand, but also to create a little more video content ourselves! Today we share however content created by  R.J. Cutler who was also the director of The September Issue. The documentary about Vogue's September issue, which I can truly recommend. Grace Coddington has been the fashion editor at large for decades for the U.S. Vogue and here we see her at work for Tiffany & Co.

Grace Coddington; from Vogue to Tiffany

Grace Coddington has something genuine about her. She seems down to earth, even a little insecure, yet when you see her at work, she is creative and has an amazing eye for detail. In this video we see her creating a campaign for Tiffany & Co. She was absolutely right about the photo of Lupita. What do you think? 

Bizzita tiffany grace coddington JewelryVideo

Tiffany & Co seduces to buy their jewelry

I loved the photography and I loved the models. But I also find that the strong, very beautiful, but also very recognizable faces of the women in the campaign, distract a lot from the jewelry that they are wearing. I personally feel that they overshadow it. But perhaps others feel more inspired or feel some sort of connection with these women and will consider buying Tiffany & Co next time. And that's what this campaign, in the end, seeks to do: seduce you! 

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  • breda  haugh

    breda haugh

    18 April 2017 at 09:22 |
    Thanks for posting the video. I saw the September Issue too and loved it. I actually like approach taken here and don't feel the models over shadow the jewellery, as I think too many jewellery ads are forced or artificial looking. Very interesting great to see.....


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