Moschino for H&M; the Jewelry & the Prices!

By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 16 October 2018, in Brands

Every year H&M invites a famous fashion designer to create a capsule collection for the Swedish mass fashion brand. This year the honor goes to Moschino! Here are the jewelry and prices!

Jeremy Scottx Hm Moschino

Do you remember when even Madonna, not your most probable designer, created a look for the brand? I think it wasn't the most successful one for H&M, but most collections are sought after by a public who otherwise, most likely, would not be able to afford a piece of this kind of designer clothing. H&M offers a unique opportunity for us common mortals to be able to afford a designer piece. Normally, the Swedish mass-fashion brand, lately accused of becoming less and less relevant compared to its Spanish competitor ZARA, is a store where people can buy fashionable items at a low cost. The designer collections, however, are affordable but not as cheap as the rest of the H&M collection.

Moschino Earrings x HM 3999

Price €39,99

The designer collection is a great marketing move for the brand. Every single magazine and fashion blog is turning its head towards the giant fashion retailer and the buzz is easily created as soon as the name of this year's designer is out. So this year it's Jeremy Scott, the head designer of the eclectic fun-loving, life-embracing Italian fashion brand Moschino. Franco Moschino, who died at the young age of 44, was an innovative genius who had a fondness for the whimsical, slightly tacky side of things. Jeremy Scott is an enthusiastic, passionate wonder boy, who is never too shy to use logo's, fun symbols, and lots of Disney and other labels, from often completely unrelated to fashion, in his designs. 

Moschino x HM

The capsule collection for H&M is all Jeremy and all Moschino. Fun, outspoken, over the top, nothing-too-subtle-collection. The jewelry matches it all perfectly. Nothing precious here, but fun pieces to adorn yourself, bold statement looks, certainly not for the shy among you. Don't take it all too serious, that's what I thought when observing the collection for the first time. Let go of all your prejudices and ideas of jewelry and embrace that it may just also be kind of tacky, wonderfully bold and fun-loving! Would I wear it? Well, I am not big in logo's, but the thick bold bracelets and long chains are definitely cool and something I might enjoy wearing! Even for the fun of getting some heads to turn and whisper;'' what the hell is she wearing?!'' :-)

The collection is out on November 8, 2018. Get ready for some fun jewelry shopping!

Moschino Earring 2999

Earring Moschino x H&M €29,99

Moschino Cap x HM 3499

Bejeweled Cap by Moschino for H&M €34,99

Moschino x HM Necklace Logo 149

Moschino Necklace for H&M €149,-

Moschino x HM Model

Moschino x Hm Boot and Bracelet 3999

Boot and bracelet Moschino for H&M €399,- and €39,99

Moschino x HM Earrings 3999

Earrings by Moschino for H&M with logo €39,99

Moschino x HM Earring Coat

Earrings and golden coat Moschino for H&M €39,99 and €299,-

Moschino x HM Image

Moschino Jewelry men


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