NO MORE FUR! Thank you, Gucci!

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 19 October 2017, in Brands

Gucci, the world-famous Italian brand, part of the Paris-based luxury group KERING, has made a wonderful statement during the Kering Talk at The London College of Fashion on Wednesday 11th of October. No more fur in any of the Gucci products from 2018 onwards. This is the kind of news we love and the kind of news that gives us hope for a better future for the luxury industry. In fact, I think the luxury industry should listen even better to what people want these days! Transparency and conflict-free products and services!



Gucci says: fur is no longer fashionable

It’s true, I have always been against fur and I agree that eating meat and wearing leather may sound like I am a hypocrite in a way, but fur is not only a product we really do not need, it is also a total disrespect for animals.


''As Jane Goodall said too; we are all connected. That means not just to all humans, but to the animals, the trees, and the planet''


Gucci will be selling the remaining collection containing fur at an auction and donate the money to a charity. Gucci might cause the domino effect. A game-changing moment.


 Gucci foresteagle

The end of fur in luxury?

What if this is just the beginning? What if we stopped using the fur of animals or the skin of animals just bred and raised for that skin? It is true that Gucci might be a game changer, even if it isn’t the first brand that actively and consciously stops using fur. Gucci is just this world famous brand. But there are so many smaller brands, that use dog fur on their coats, or what about the keychain with the furball? Smaller brands, but doing perhaps, even more, damage by numbers.


What I love most about it is that Gucci says actually: using fur is not fashionable, it is not ok and you should not wish to wear it. And that is a big deal!

By the way: Yoox, net-a-porter adopted a fur-free policy this June and Giorgio Armani stopped using it last year. Brands like Calvin Klein were already abandoning fur way back in the ‘90’s. Good for them!I am simply thrilled. We are better than this. We are better than putting our ‘’desires’’ before the wellbeing of a creature. And what creatures! Did you ever see the beauty and the intelligence of the fox? The mink? The cuteness of the chinchilla? Have you ever watched how they kill dogs for fur? Our beloved companions for as long almost as we can remember? Have you ever had the stomach to see how the crocodile farm used by Hermés, treated the animals?

Unfortunately, I did. I can’t erase the images from my memory.

Gucci Bracelet silver

Be a conscious luxury consumer

Be conscious. Be conscious when you buy something. Especially in luxury. We do not need luxury in our daily life. It only is there to make life more beautiful, interesting, give us a little (or much) status, pleasure and gratification. Earn that luxury, by being a conscious buyer. Don’t go for brands that use fur, or let them know how you think about it if you do buy something of them. Don’t buy from brands that abuse the poor, the children or leave massive footprints on our environment. It is not always easy to see, but ASK. Let the brands know you care.

If their products are made with the love we all deserve than they will be proud to share their story, their background, their resources.





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