The best magnetic clasp- for pearl & gemstone bracelets- in the world!

on Thursday, 15 November 2018, in Brands

A magnetic clasp that doesn’t open, even if you put a 2kg weight on it?

Kohle Slide Clasp Jewelry 2

A great idea

Having a great idea is no guarantee to a great end product. In fact, there are so many brilliant ideas, but they never turn into reality for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, sometimes it’s crushed by colleagues, sometimes it’s a budget thing. Let’s face it, having a great idea is just the beginning. A company such as Köhle has been around for many years and they certainly will have had their fair share of great ideas. But the Slide clasp is one such an idea that has been turned into a winning one! The product created has so many benefits that I got excited even to just observe how ridiculously simple and genius it was at the same time!

Kohle Slide Clasp Jewelry 1

This clasp can be opened or closed with one hand. With one hand!

I don’t know about you, but when I am running around in the morning, getting dressed and ready to go out, I often end up tossing my bracelet back, just because it’s such a hassle to get it closed. Sometimes it’s easy enough, many times, I can’t seem to get it done and I don’t bother, as I have more on my mind than struggling with a clasp in the morning ;-)

Surely I am not alone, and so when I saw the elegant movement, just simply sliding it open and with one move; closing it again, I thought to myself: why isn’t this on many many more bracelets?

Kohle Slide Clasp Jewelry 45

The Slide Clasp

Is ideal for those who are struggling to get their bracelets on. For disabled people, or people that have pain in their hands, fingers or pulse. People with limited movement, people that adore comfort, people that embrace a logical, no-nonsense solution without giving up on beauty and elegance.

Kohle Slide Clasp Jewelry 4

The Slide clasp and The 2 kg test

Germans are known for their Grundlichheit, their thoroughness. Köhle is no different ;-) In order to test the strength and security of the Slide Clasp, they tested it with a 2 kg pulling weight. And it remained closed. Ps. they even did a test with 5 kg on their tongue-clasps and it remained closed ;-) The clasp opens from top to bottom in one single movement. Easiest thing in the world.

How to buy a Köhle clasp?

  • For private customers like you and me, we need to go to our local jeweler and ask if they can deliver the Köhle Slide Clasp. Köhle only works with brands and wholesalers, so buying it directly is not an option.
  • For B2B customers: contact Köhle here and get directly in contact. You will notice that not only the product is great, but so is their customer care.

Kohle Slide Clasp Jewelry 3

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