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By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 23 January 2018, in Brands

Valani jewelry is a brand that caught my eye. Responsible sourcing of gemstones, a young and beautiful designer; Heena Shah, what a lovely combination! Valani jewelry has that air of being both eclectic and intelligent. Read here why I think that this is a brand that is ready for the future!

Valani Heena Shah jewelry designer

Jewelry for the future

When you work with future forecasters in jewelry (as I do), you get inspiration mostly from culture, the arts, what keeps people busy, what they care about or worry about and how they react on it. Waves of changes are often still very far away and some never reach the shore. But many other waves do and they translate a mix of all the aforementioned points into things like fashion, trends and of course, also in jewelry.


I read about jewelry, but love to read magazines such as Wired or Elephant, the Monocle or Philosopher even more as these inspire me. Nothing stands on its own and everything is connected. So is the jewelry designer and his or her designs are in a way, a translation of our world.

Valani Earcuff jewelry yellow White gold

Valani and Millennials

A new generation brings normally a lot of challenges and changes, but the Millennials are a source of so many articles, debates, and changes. Millennials are known for choosing experience over possession. But if they choose possession it really needs to add something to their lives. It needs to make life and its experiences better somehow. Hence the love of gadgets. (although I am not a Millennial, I adore gadgets maybe even more ;-) )


Millennials are not against marketing stories but are far more open for real storytelling than the way to slick crafted generic stories that many brands still embrace. They want to know why and how. The jewelry industry still has a clientele that doesn’t ask too many questions about responsible sourcing, but things will certainly change. And I love to see brands who are ready for this change.

valani Jewelry blog

Heena Shah

This is why, when I spotted Valani, I thought immediately: here is a brand ready for the future! It really was my very first thought.

Heena Shah, the designer behind the brand, comes from a family that has a legacy of sourcing gemstones around the world. Being aware where and how the stones are sourced has always been important and Heena continues her own story, but with the same care for responsible sourcing of material and a love for family-run workshops that help her craft her jewelry designs to the beautiful pieces that have already caught the eye of celebrities, not to mention the awards she has been winning so far.

valani jewelry Pearl

Valani ring emerald ruby sapphire jewelry

A love for sculpture

As so many in the jewelry industry, Heena has a love for sculpting. What makes her different is that she originally was an engineer at Google. But in my eyes, this is not such a weird combination. I kind of see the elements of her passion and former job in her work and it becomes more attractive and beautiful because of it.

My personal view on Valani jewelry

Valani’s jewelry is sculptural, light, and easy to wear during the day. It is for all these women who like a delicate design, something that is precious and elegant without being too obvious. If I look at it, I can’t help but think of the word Intelligence. To me, this jewelry emanes intelligence and women being in control and very much; being themselves in every sense.


I think Valani is stunning and Heena Shah is a designer to watch. I expect many more beautiful ideas and jewelry from her hands and heart.

 Valani necklace Jewelry ruby gold


Comments (2)

  • Yafeini


    26 February 2018 at 06:16 |
    Love the necklace!!!!!! It is beautiful!!! I am looking for personalized necklaces for my wedding. Does Heena Shal offer customer service?


    • Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      27 February 2018 at 14:09 |
      I am sure this is a possibility! Do check with her directly through her website, you can mention the blog about her on I think her jewelry is awesome! Go for it!


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