Why beautiful jewelry clasps matter!

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 30 August 2018, in Brands

What makes a string of pearls a piece of jewelry? The answer is; a beautiful clasp! Yes, one can use a simple and effective clasp and wear it in the back, but why not create a more stunning and versatile effect by using an eye-catching clasp that one can wear in the middle or on either side and create that beautiful jewelry effect? The Pforzheim, Germany based company Köhle is one of the most known and best companies to provide clasps that will create any string of pearls and stones into jewelry!

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Köhle clasps


Jewelry clasps playing the leading role

When I worked at the family jewelry store in Italy, we had many clients that brought us either their own strings of (gem)stones; such as amber, lapis lazuli, turquoise- or paste of turquoise beads, sapphire root beads etc. Or they bought this kind of strings in our store, including Tahitian, South Sea, and freshwater pearls of course. Some had clear ideas about what they wanted but many came for inspiration on how to turn it into a versatile beautiful piece of jewelry they would adore wearing in many different occasions.

It was fun to see, how the choice of a clasp would make all the difference and as we, at the time, had a wide range of clasps, we never lost a sale because there was always something that created that ‘’click’’ for the customer!

Koehle designer clasps wholesalers jewelry pearl clasp

Create a personalized look using a design clasp

In a time where personalized jewelry is valued so much by Millennials and others, offering a wide choice of clasps can really add value to the experience of purchasing. Either in retail, so directly having a great choice to offer to the consumer, or as a company creating jewelry. Being able to offer different clasps to your bracelets and necklaces creates that idea of having many different models!

Even if the choice of stones and/or pearls is limited, one can create different looks and pricing, using different kinds of clasps.

Koehle clasps design jewelry clasp bracelet gold silver necklace bracelet

A great jewelry clasp company? Köhle!

One of the best companies with a very long and rich history in creating all kinds of clasps is Köhle from Pforzheim, Germany. Did you know that Pforzheim, according to Wikipedia, is related to Vicenza? Amazing! Both cities are known worldwide for the concentration of jewelry makers!

Köhle is a company founded in 1872 and run by the Köhle family since 1919. Since 1926 their main focus has been creating clasps for jewelry. When a company focuses on a niche for so many years, you know they must be excellent at what they do!

koehle clasps design jewelry clasp bracelet necklace

From custom-made design to 1001 designer clasps

They provide all the clasps one can dream about but are wonderful at creating designer clasps that are, well simply too beautiful to wear behind! And they have an incredible amount of options and models. Of course, using today’s modern techniques, they are able to create customized designs, even in smaller amounts, for their clients.

Köhle serves manufacturers, wholesalers, retailer groups, quantity buyers and high price stores. Online they can find a wide range of options in the online catalog!

Koehle design jewelry clasps germany

A clasp is the finishing touch of any jewel

The message I would like to get across, as someone who really values clasps and has the experience of knowing what difference they can actually make, is to not ignore how much difference they make. Any, really any string of gemstones ( or gold or silver jewelry for that matter) becomes so much more appealing to the consumer, when using a designer clasp, or a beautiful diamond clasp, or a silver design clasp. From finishing touch to the focal point, clasps make all the difference! :-)

Koehle Design clasp Jewelry bracelet necklace

Why I personally love Köhle?

Well, that has everything to do with two things:

  • quality of design, execution and my deep appreciation for excellence in collaborating with this particular company. I know this is important!
  • my knowledge and experience about what difference a beautiful clasp makes on any jewel and how wonderful a beautiful clasp looks worn on the front side!

But yes, I also have a fondness for German precision, companies with a long history - you just know that they have earned their status!- and companies that focus on a niche, specialized market!

Would you like to get in touch with Köhle directly and see what options they might offer for your brand or store? Here are their full details:

J. Köhle GmbH & Co. KG
Stolzestrasse 3
75175 Pforzheim, Germany

Telephone: +49(0)7231-60020
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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