Why Laura of Nanis Jewels wants all women to wear her jewelry!

By Esther Ligthart on Friday, 28 June 2019, in Brands

Nanis is the solid, consistent to its style, jewelry brand from Italy. Laura Bicego is the charismatic face of the company and the designer behind all their soft and luscious looking jewelry. Their rapidly increasing success in the Netherlands, my own home country, was the reason to sit down and ask her why she thinks her jewelry is so successful. Turns out she want all of you to wear her jewelry! Like to know why? 


Esther: You were born into a goldsmith family, I can’t help but think it was the obvious choice for you to work in this industry:

Laura: Being born and raised in a goldsmith family has been really determining for my career and for sure the starting point of my passion for jewelry. I literally grew up in this business, breathing creativity and passion day by day. My father has always involved me both in his jewelry-making process and in the decisions making-part, helping me to develop a comprehensive glance on things since I was a little kid. I feel very fortunate for that. The desire to express my own creativity, to explore, and to create something capable to talk to the contemporary woman was at the core of my decision to create my own company. It wasn’t easy. It has meant leaving my comfort zone, starting from zero taking a considerable amount of risks and also set a sort of distance from my family business. Today, after almost 30 years, I know that this was one of the best decision of my life because it has contributed massively in becoming who I am today and I encourage all the women reading to follow their dreams, even when it seems really hard. This effort always pays you back. 


Esther: You are a husband and wife team, what is the most lovely aspect of working together and which one is the most challenging?

Laura: Running a business with my partner was another of the risk that I took, but also another one that I am very proud of. In a way, I think that our professional relation has strengthened our personal one and vice versa. Being very busy and very often abroad, I, of course, enjoy seeing my husband in the office and I feel privileged in a way. But this is more than a private pleasure. I really hold great professional esteem and respect for Piero. I like to confront him, to see his perspective on things, mostly when it doesn’t correspond to mine. Of course, it can happen to have some discussions, but we both consider differences as extremely enriching. To have the chance to daily confront with such a professional point of view is something that I am quite grateful for and something that, most of all, is then reflected on our jewels, imperfectly perfect as we all are. 


The future of jewelry

Esther: There are many opinions about the future of the jewelry business. The way we think about it, the way consumers think about it. The way we might produce it in the future. What would you like to share as your insights? 

Laura: I think that, precisely as times have changed, so has the conception of jewelry. In our fast and intense times, where everything goes so fast, also the jewel has to change accordingly with a versatility that has, at the same time, to maintain its luxury. This may sound very contemporary, but the truth is that it has always been the core value of my company from the very beginning. I’ve always kept a certain distance from “static” jewels, which for me didn’t represent women 30 years ago, let alone nowadays. I will never get tired of saying that jewels have to adapt to women, and not the other way around. And today’s woman is exceptionally sophisticated and demanding at the same time. Elegant, active, dynamic, engaged: to meet the need of this woman you need to create something unique, precious, well and sustainably made... and casual at the same time! Not easy, you might say, but I can grant you that these are the core values of Nanis. When wearing a Nanis jewel, you can all of a sudden perceive all this: the enchanting beauty of the jewel, wearable in so many possible ways, and that incredible lightness that uplift you and make you feel special and powerful. All this is in our DNA: we’re born with this idea, we have been the first to understand and translate this into the precious language of jewels. From my very first collections, in fact, you can always find this versatility, which to me is like giving a personal possibility of expression to every single woman that will wear one of my jewels. That is why I am so positive, and I see a bright future for Nanis in the jewel market.

Esther: For all those who don’t know about your background, can you tell us a little more?

Laura: I literally grew up in the jewelry business. My parents, in fact, run a goldsmith company in Vicenza, recognized as one of the most important gold centers worldwide, and they transferred me all their passion and knowledge. Since I was a child, jewelry has always exercised a great fascination on me and this, along with my creative soul, naturally lead me to the creation of my own company Nanis in 1990. My dream was, and still is, to combine my family legacy and incredible know how to my desire to shape a contemporary and revolutionary concept of femininity throughout my jewels. Too many times, jewels have been seen as accessories that can be used only on special occasions. Instead, I believe jewels should melt into every shade of anyone’s lifestyle.


Why have you become more visible as the face of NANIS?

Laura: I’ve always been the soul of Nanis, and I am on top of the game today with the same enthusiasm that I was in 1990. Passion and energy haven’t changed at all. But as a woman, I’ve changed a lot in these years, both professionally and personally. And so has my idea of femininity. I matured, I experienced, I traveled, I made mistakes.
To put it briefly; I lived. I am an artist, a mother, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a friend. Everything has contributed to creating the identity of the woman I am today, a woman I feel comfortable with and that wants, as a matter of fact, to express herself, to let speak her personality louder and louder, and I wish that every woman does the same.

Esther: Marketing is key to presenting and selling a jewelry brand. It’s marketing guru Seth Godin who says brands no longer should “shout” about their product but connect with just the tribe of people that are really into your product. More specific, more storytelling, more adding value to the interaction and experience.


Laura: Generally speaking, I, of course, agree with Seth Godin. But if you ask me who are the “Nanis women,” I wouldn’t have any doubt about the answer: every woman can be a Nanis woman! Precisely as every woman is different and unique, so are my jewels, or to be more precise, my pieces adapt themselves to the most diverse personalities and occasions. I genuinely believe that my jewels can be and should be at your side every single day. They can follow you everywhere, being so casual and elegant at the same time. Take, for instance, my TRASFORMISTA: it is the most sophisticated and statement piece, but if you just give it a twist, it’ll be your casual and shining companion for a fun night out. It is for this reason that I like to say that Nanis can speak to every single woman, because first of all my jewels want to be something that makes you feel great, glowing, powerful and this is something that, in particular as a woman, I wish every woman can think and feel about herself.

Esther: In the Netherlands, you have become very popular in just a short time. Why is that you believe and how is it different from saying; your Italian market?

Laura: The Netherlands are one of our most important market and one of the most inspiring, dynamic, and reactive ones. Dutch women are so strong, free, and independent, reminding me of Italian women in this. I believe that our two countries have so many things in common, starting with the love for what is beautiful and accurate in every detail. It is such a tremendous and challenging pleasure to work with this country!

How would you explain the success of nanis in the Netherlands?

Laura: I think that this country combines a highly structured market to an incredibly receptive public. Dutch women have an incredible taste, they love what is well made but also what carries an individual uniqueness, which are features at the very core of my brand. For that reason, I often say that The Netherlands have really grasped Nanis’ soul, and this makes me extraordinarily proud and willing to invest in this market always more! We have incredible partnerships and customers and great plans for the future... stay tuned!


What is your secret dream for the future?

Laura: Fashion is, for sure, one of my biggest passions. It has to do with my deep love for beauty, balance, harmony, but most of all, with my desire to express freely in any possible way. Clothes and jewels are to me two sides of the same coin. So yes, for sure designing fashion is something that I think I would really enjoy. But to tell you the truth, my biggest dream is to dress as many women as possible with my jewels. Because when they wear my pieces, I see their sparkling eyes, full of enchantment and self-love, and this is the most amazing reward. As a woman, I want all women to experience that powerful sensation of joy and well-being that makes them feeling shining, strong, and unique.



In one word:

In one word (if possible) :
● What would you love to do, but don’t dare to? Climbing
● Who do you admire within the jewelry industry: Maria Grazia Chiuri, for the change she’s bringing in the sector and for her idea of femininity. I found this quote of her that I 100% share: “As a woman, “feminine” means something different for me than the meaning it can have for a man. Feminine is about being a woman, isn’t it? So I said to myself: if Dior is about femininity, then it concerns women. And [...] I know what it means to be a woman today. When you create clothes for women, then fashion is no longer just about how you look when you wear my creations. But about how you feel and how you think.”
● Music muse: Lady Gaga: I love her energy, strength, and engagement on bringing out the best of herself and on the others
● Trade Show: Vicenza Oro
● Gemstone: Rutilated quartz, for its imperfection and uniqueness.
● Blog, vlog, Instagram or print: Instagram
● Dream Market: The whole world
● Italy is: wonderful
● Nanis is: the perfect combination between contemporaneity and craftsmanship heritage and the
● Laura is: you’ll find her in every piece I’ve signed

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