Smuggling a 1000 diamonds in your shoes...

By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 21 March 2017, in News

Whether he was trying to make an extra buck, or did these operations on a more regular basis, we don't know yet. But a young guy was caught on the 13th of March with a 1000 diamonds, weighing 212,9 carat, in his shoes.


How did they notice him? Apparently, he tiptoed around. Only walking normal when he figured someone was watching him. It must have been bloody painful!

China diamond smuggler

He was trying to smuggle the diamonds from Hong Kong to Shenzeng city. When the custom officials asked him to remove his shoes, they found the bags with the precious diamonds underneath his insoles. 

Just a few days earlier, another man tried to smuggle 1554 diamonds in packaged snack food. Who knows how many pass on a weekly basis, without getting caught!

Diamond smuggler 1000 cara

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