Record at the Dutch Antiques Roadshow! Necklace is Worth 125.000 euro.

By Esther Ligthart on Wednesday, 06 November 2013, in News

It's one of those moments I guess that you always wait for when watching the Antiques Road show. The find! The priceless vase, the painting from auntie Joan is really a Dutch masterpiece. Things like that. And so last week I was thrilled to read that a necklace was found and was valued 125.000 euro.

 The antiques roadshow2


A lady brought in the necklace during the recording of the Dutch version of the Antiques Road Show. She told that the necklace belonged to her mum and was actually a gift from her dad for their 60th wedding anniversary. Martijn Akkermans works as jewellery expert on the show and was extremely surprised by this extraordinary find. Not only was it a truly beautiful piece of jewellery, but the quality of the emeralds was so wonderful! It was produced in Nijmegen ( the Netherlands) in 1925. And 142 emeralds plus the wonderful craftmanship together with a fair amount of diamonds brought the expert to a valuation of 125.000 euro. So far the biggest jewellery find ever on the show in the Netherlands. The show will go on air in spring 2014. Such a long time still to wait! 

Antiques roadshow front


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