Mikimoto meets Hello Kitty

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 24 March 2014, in News

Mikimoto proudly presented their latest design in honor of Hello Kitty.  Little did I know that the funny and much beloved character of Sanrio; Hello Kitty will turn 40 next year! 


I love this piece. Even if I am not your typical Hello Kitty fan, but this is fabulous! The little strawberry on the outer side contains inside a little detail of the Icon kitten.

The line is of course immensely playful and fun. And available in smaller and more affordable pieces too. But most astonishing is the crown and the beautiful necklace.


Matching earrings. These are not so obvious, but have a sort of pop art feeling to them

Mikimoto has been the first company in the world to culture a semispherical pearl. It was founded in Japan and their success goes way back to 1893. Mikimoto still is synonymous to sheer perfection and is one of the most appreciated and famous jewelry brands in this world.


The most important piece of the collection. The beautiful Mikimoto pearl combined with diamonds and rubies. The Hello Kitty motive is subtle but hard to miss. 

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