Russian lady hides her jewelry in a roast chicken

on Tuesday, 22 October 2013, in News

A lovely Russian lady had a brilliant idea. Instead of paying the taxes she was obliged to on bringing home some jewelry bought abroad, she thought of hiding them in a roast chicken.



galline gioielli2

In Russia one is obliged to declare possessions  that are worth more than 10.000 euro. The value of her jewelry was well above the 20.000 euro. She did not stop at hiding things inside the roast chicken, but used jam jars, coffee jars and milkpowder containers too. I think it is hilarious. The news, if we can call it that way, travelled all over the world. I sure wish that this was the kind of news we would get every day on our news shows! Hands up for the lady. She tried! :-)

galline gioielli1



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