Siren jewelry helps women in dangerous situations

By Esther Ligthart on Monday, 17 November 2014,

Today I discovered this magnificent ring. It doesn’t just look great, it is actually great. This ring claims to empower women and I want you to judge for yourself. But I personally am a great fan of empowering women. This ring hides a little secret that will help you in case you find yourself in a threatening situation.


Kat Alexander

Kat Alexander founded the Siren Ring Company and she said she was inspired by making this ring when she found herself one night in a desolate street in her college town and a man blocked her path.


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Fortunately a crisis situation could be avoided and nothing happened. But she had a taste of what it felt to be so helpless and unprotected.

SIREN ring1

Kat and her dad

Siren is a family business as it was Kat’s father who was able to develop the technology for this ring. The mechanism is small yet it produces a very loud alarm, which might just buy you time to get away, dazzle the attacker or get attention from others.

SIREN ring2

A woman should always feel safe

A woman or a man or a child should never feel unsafe, of course. We all agree, but the truth is that there are many unsafe moments in life. Some are actually in families and there is no ring that can prevent that kind of harm and danger, unfortunately. But this ring might give a woman just that little bit of confidence out there, when she is in a situation she would not be able to have control over.



I feel a connection with Kat and her company as I care a great deal about safety for women (and children) and have, like she has, a very strong love for animals.  

The rings are all 249 dollar and you can order yours here

More about Siren Ring on


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