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By Esther Ligthart on Tuesday, 05 April 2016, in Stories

Meet Annemarie! She is a vibrant nearly 50 year old who faces a new face in her work life. This enthusiastic and lively woman has a ring with the word LOVE on it. Want to know what it means to her?

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Meet Annemarie!

I am Annemarie, 49 years old. Single mum of a 15 year old daughter. After 26 years I have lost the job I did with such passion, due to cut-offs that I do understand, however: it wasn’t easy! I have worked in jewelry retail and did Visual Merchandise for a Dutch jewelry chain store. I decided that visual merchandising and graphic design is what I really really love and have so, since I was a little girl. I always wanted to see the windows and was fascinated by it. So, now I have a chance to do it on my own! Slightly scary but ever so exciting!

Annemarie and her ring

This ring with the word Love is in gold and contains a small ruby. I have been looking at this ring for 5 years, before buying it. It is by a Dutch Goldsmith called Robbert Hamelink, from Scheveningen. We had the ring in store, where I used to work, for some time and I always was drawn to it, but it was simply too expensive. One day, the owner of the store offered me to buy it for a extremely affordable price. And so now I was able to purchase it, I jumped right on his offer and the ring has, since then, been finally mine.

'' when I was 10 I made a bet with my brother: I would never ever marry''

What did it mean for you? It felt like a wedding ring for myself. I saw it as a Love Ring, but just for me. Funny thing is that when I was 10, I made a bet with my brother for a 100 Dutch Guilders, which seems like a LOT of money at the time, but is merely 45 euro today. The bet was all about me not getting married ever.

I never thought marriage was something for me. I never saw it as something to dream about. No princess idea about the wedding day, but neither about the marital status giving me more security or something. We agreed that when I was very old, like 50 years old, he would pay me if I won our bet. Sigh, so I am turning 50 this year, hahaha…and I have earned that 45 euro’s!

'' independence''

What this ring means to me today? Independence. I stand on my own two feet. I now even have to take things further and develop my own business. But this ring means to me independence. And I kind of like that.

  • More about annemarie:  (visual merchandising for jewelry retail. She also loves fashion and hardware by the way)
  • Annemarie has great taste and ideas, you can connect with her on Linkedin.

Comments (2)

  • Ann


    04 July 2016 at 23:12 |
    Your blog is fabulous. My sister, who is a jeweler and a silversmith, told me about it. It is fun to look at and get educated at the same time! I will be visiting often.


    • Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart Ligthart

      11 August 2016 at 11:21 |
      aww www.....thank you Ann...a hug for you, that's such a lovely comment!


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