Me and My Jewel: Linda

By Esther Ligthart on Thursday, 05 May 2016, in Stories

Meet Linda and her impressive story about her struggle with a eating disorder. Her ring is a strong symbol for her refound love and dedication to a life of helping others to overcome what she has been through.



Me 1

Meet Linda

I am Linda, 33 years old. I live in Utrecht, work at the bakery/coffee shop of my family. I am a trained sports instructor, but I never worked as such. I own also my own company: I give consults to people with an eating disorder. I suffered an eating disorder -anorexia nervosa- myself for a long time, but I have recovered and have remained so for the past 7 years. I love to guide people in the very informal setting of my own home, to regain strength and overcome their eating disorder.

Linda and her ring

What do we see? This is a ring that I saw and you know what? I immediately  understood it was meant for me. You see, I had been in a bad relationship. He was extremely possessive and so I have experienced myself how addictive these kinds of relationships can be. Emotional abuse often goes hand in hand with a being adored at the same time. You know they need you. Abusive people are people that have problems themselves but they project these on their partners.

When I managed to free myself finally after 4 years, I decided to never allow it happening again. Never be unfaithful to myself again. So...I had chosen this ring to marry myself. As a loving pact with Me. The solid part and the part that is loose are for me a symbol of being connected, yet free and independent.

I have chosen this ring at Sacha Geluk, a jewelry store that I would love you to mention, as they were so great when I bought this ring.

'' Gamble with love on yourself''

Linda van Toor

One of the things that I always mention is ''Lovingly Gambling''. Gamble with love on yourself and allow failure, allow everything. But never be unfaithful to yourself.



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