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By Esther Ligthart on Friday, 11 March 2016, in Stories

Meet Renée. She is a busy mother of two beautiful girls and works from her home as a goldsmith. Renée is a kind, warm and caring woman, who loves to take time for her clients. She has two pieces of jewelry with a story to share!


Meet Renée

Renée, is married and a mother of two girls aged 4 and 8 years. She is also a goldsmith and owns her own company that she established in 2003. Although she had to keep jobs at the side before, she now works full time for herself since 4 years. And she is very happy!

Renée and her bracelet and ring!

As a goldsmith, there is this thing with jewelry: no one ever tends to give you jewelry anymore. They think: ‘’ah she prefers to make it herself’’. Or…’’she can make it herself too’’. As I have a different connection to jewelry than most people, I may not have many pieces with a story, but...two pieces are very important to me. And their story is the one I wish to share. The bracelet was my first finished project during my education as a goldsmith. I made it all, from design to finished project. And I remember how proud I felt about it. Here is the thing: after 18 years, I still feel proud when I look at it. I still feel that I wouldn’t have done anything differently about it. I realized that wow, I am really a goldsmith!

Renee Casparie close up

''My very first finished project as a goldsmith...and I still feel madly proud of it today!''

When I finished my education as a goldsmith, I did not, somehow,  felt I could go for a full time career like a goldsmith. So I worked for jewelry stores. It was only when I got my babies and realized that I was juggling way too much with my work, my children and my own business. It was  with the birth of my second child, I finally dropped the bomb at home, gave up my job at the jewelry store and decided to work just for me. It is so great to combine this with the care of two small children. I feel at peace now and although working only with my own company, has brought some financial insecurity of course, I would never want to change it again.


I got this ring from Ramon, my husband. It's the only jewelry that he ever gave me and to me it’s simply priceless. It was back in 2003 and we were still boyfriend/girlfriend. Only two years in our relationship, he decided to surprise me for my birthday and designed a ring for me. He is a graphic designer, so some idea about proportion and all was there. But still, it was completely new for him. He did this all very secretly and spent hours and hours at the workshop of a friend who is a goldsmith too.

''He *dared* to give me a piece of jewelry that he made all by himself, wow!''

Making a wax model, doing his filing and so forth. However, it wasn’t perfect but he gave me thát ring in a box on my birthday. I could see it was not perfect, but honestly? I was deeply touched by his gesture. The fact that he dared to do this, the fact that he made it all himself...ahh incredible! This rough version got perfected by our mutual friend and I wore it since then very regularly. It’s only since the past couple of years, that I don’t ever take it off. When you work in a jewelry store, you tend to wear jewelry that they sell and you change more often, but now that I am working from my own home, I wear the things that really mean something to me. Isn't that funny?

Renee Casparie

Renée has her own company. 2times1 :  N.B. If you look closely, you can see that the model of the bracelet can be found in the pattern of the logo! Ramon, her husband took it as he created their logo. 2times1 is the name for both their companies. He runs his graphic design studio. Two very creative and very lovely people. Renée is a sweet and very empathic person, who can make the most personal story into a ring for her clients.

Story and photo's by Esther Ligthart ©

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