12 Japanese Jewelry Brands that I love!

Japanese jewelry brands are not as widely known as Italian or French brands, but to those who are a little more familiar with jewelry brands in general, there is a name, one Japanese jewelry brand that conquered the whole world: Mikimoto. Known for its superb quality of pearls and beautiful timeless designed jewelry. But it would be wrong to think that Japanese jewelry has not much else to offer! Come and explore my favorite Japanese Jewelry brands and designers!

12 Japanese Jewelry Brands that I LOVE


Japanese jewelry, it is inevitable, when thinking about Japan, to also look at the rich history of costumes and the beautiful hair ornaments. However, in this blog, we explore the current fine jewelry companies and mention some brands that stand out, in our opinion, because of the originality they show.

Tasaki Favorite Japanese Jewelry brand Pearl.png1


Here are the names of our favorite Japanese Jewelry Brands!

  1. Mikimoto

  2. Kataoke

  3. Kaji Jewellery Art

  4. Tasaki

  5. Belpearl

  6. Niwaka

  7. Kunio Nakajima

  8. Oztokyo

  9. Gimel

  10. Fujimori

  11. Tosa

  12. Korat Works



It was the year 1893 when Kochiki Mikimoto created something unique: the world's first cultured pearls Before that period, pearls were rare. To create a string of pearls, one has to look for the same color, luster, and shade, which makes it extremely difficult to create a natural pearl string. But with the arrival of Mikimoto, it became much easier for a larger public to obtain a beautiful pearl necklace. This brand is renown for its quality in design and pearls. One can simply never go wrong with jewelry made by Mikimoto. This brand has expanded its operations all over the globe and can be found at their own boutiques and high-end jewelers.

 Mikimoto Favorite Japanese Jewelry Brandblog pearls

Why I love Mikimoto:

The sheer quality of their jewelry. It is simple, if you have a piece of their jewelry in your hands, you fall in love. Even if you are not into classical pearl jewelry, you feel and see instinctively almost, how absolutely gorgeous and special it all is.



This brand was created in 2011 by Yoshinubo Kataoke, who has 25 years of experience as a goldsmith. Based in Tokyo, this brand created very fine and rather small jewelry. Using miligrain edges, innovative diamond cuts and settings, and custom-blended gold. 

Yoshinobukataoka FavoriteDesignerJapaneseJewelryringsengagement

Why I love Kataoke Jewelry:

Although I am personally not a lover of very fine, small jewelry, simply because it doesn’t suit me very much, I can appreciate it all the same, when done as beautifully as Kataoke does. Well, to be honest, even though I am not fond of small jewelry, I would wear Kataoke’s jewelry with love! It is kind of special. I can’t describe it even, but it is all in the finishing of the product. This collection is wonderful for a huge audience of jewelry lovers, especially those who are not into the bolder styles.


Kaji Jewelry Art

‘’Jewelry that will be loved and continue to glean more than 100 years” Mitsuo Kaji creates jewelry that tells stories. It is as simple as that. Check out the website for much more impressions and stories of how he works! 

Mitsuo Kaji Jewelryfavoritejapanese Brands

Why I love Mitsuo Kaji:

How can I not love his style! Enchanting, fairy tale jewelry. Only the truly skilled master jewelers can create jewelry like this. I don’t just love him, I adore Mitsuo Kaji’s Jewelry!



Navigate through their collection and you will find all kind of styles, but it is the modern, the daring and the extremely bold collection of pearl jewelry that stands out for me.

Thakoon Panichgul is the creative brain behind this company. I am in love with their rings.

Tasaki Favorite Japanese Jewelry brand Pearl


Why I love Tasaki:

I already mentioned it above, but I am absolutely in love with their rings. So aesthetic, so ultra sophisticated but ultra modern at the same time. Perfection!



From Kobe with love. This company is all about pearls. And their style is clean, modern and ultra chic. 

Favorite Japanese Jewelry brand Bel Pearl 1

What I love about Belpearl:

I love their bold, clean style!



If you love diamond jewelry, you must check out this Japanese brand from Tokyo. Anything from very abundant to modest but precious can be found on their well-designed website. Easy to navigate and showing you what they are capable of.

 Favorite Japanese Jewelry Brands NIWAKA

Why I love Niwaka:

Niwaka in my eyes stands for diamonds and classical jewelry. Well designed, made to last for generations, not specifically tied to any fashion trend, but truly beautiful.


Kunio Nakajima

This is a true artist. His style is close to the Art Nouveau style but he created his very own interpretation. Not easy to find the jewelry itself. A website is lacking. Yet, the style is so beautiful and the jewelry is so much worth showing that I have included this Master of Jewelry on this list. 

Kunio Nakajima FavoriteJapaneseJapanjewelry

Why I love Kunio Nakajima:

I love enameled jewelry. And although most Art Nouveau jewelry is a bit too much for me, I find his jewelry to be a more modern interpretation, softer perhaps. Love, love his jewelry!


This is not high-end jewelry but I think you should absolutely check this brand out. O.J.S. is the talent and founder of the company. The collection of this brand can be described best perhaps with the words: rock and goth. The only silver jewelry line in this list. 


Why I love Oztokyo

First of all, the website is appealing but the styles are perhaps a little confusing. However, when you look closer, you see how they spent time and effort in creating the perfect combination of atmosphere and jewelry in their photos. What I love is that it is affordable and a little sexy somehow. The company says it works with a lot of brands and seems to be flexible and adaptive. Making it also relevant in today’s world where uniqueness or personalizing jewelry is *hot*.



This brand is from the designer Kaoru Kay Akihara. This dedicated designer is known for her love for gemstones and pearls. As so many do, but she has developed her very own style, yet using the same classic features as so many do: flowers, animals, gemstones, and pearls. Gimel is a stunning brand that deserves to be known all over the world. 


Why I love Gimel:

I love the colors. The jewelry looks stunning and well made. But it is the colors that attracted me in the first place. And the almost fragile look of the stems in her flower jewelry. It looks light and lovely.



Born in 1976, Takashi Fujimori is one of the younger designers in this list. His jewelry is all about leaving spaces between the stones and the jewel. That sounds a little hard to picture but it makes complete sense once you have seen his jewelry.

 Fujimori Favorite JapaneseJewelry Brands

Why I love Fujimori:

He plays skillfully with contemporary and classic designed jewelry. This allows it to be accessible to a larger crowd. The collection is charming. It makes you curious to look a little closer and see how a jewel is actually constructed. It aims to awaken our curiosity. It is a beautiful collection for the playful, the eclectic, the people loving art, modern design and gemstones. This is exactly what I love about this designer, the fact that he makes us curious!



This company was founded in 1968. It claims to have access to two crucial things, that make their jewelry so special: 1. Ox-blood coral 2. Takumi ( Master Craftsmen). Karm is their high-end jewelry line, totally beautiful!

 TosaJapanesejewelrybrand favorite Blog

Why I love Tosa:

First of all, as soon as Master Craftsmen are involved, we can be sure that the end result will be so satisfyingly beautiful. Coral is one of my favorite materials and I personally love coral jewelry. Tosa is delicate. Full of references to symbols and culture, but most of all it comes across as precious art.


Korat Works

Created by Aya Hasegawa. She created her jewelry, wanting people to fully enjoy what they wear. She learned, as many of the Japanese designers and artists, her craft in Italy. Engraving pearls, creating surprising effects that bring a smile to your face. Korat Works is a lovely, unique concept!


Why I love Korat Works

She had me when I saw her collection: Today’s Mood.


Which Japanese jewelry brand do you love?

Which one is your favorite? Or do you know a brand which should have absolutely be mentioned on this list? I would love to know!



Comments (3)

  • Carol


    • 27 August 2017 at 17:01
    • #

    I follow novelty sterling silver makers, like Oztokyo. Thanks for including.


    • Esther Ligthart

      Esther Ligthart

      • 27 August 2017 at 18:24
      • #

      :-) Lovely to know Carol! I liked their collection lots!


  • ML


    • 23 August 2022 at 04:10
    • #

    So far, I have S' Camellia and Tasaki. I am not sure if the former is the right name for the brand. I just see such a name stamped on my pieces.


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