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World's largest Gem-Quality Ruby ever found, the Estrela de FURA 55.22, will be auctioned at Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels auction in New York on the 8th of June 2023

I am thrilled to share the incredible story of FURA Gems' historic discovery of the world's largest gem-quality ruby ever found. In September 2022, the news of this remarkable gemstone unearthed from FURA's ruby mine in Mozambique captured global attention and sent shockwaves through the gemstone market.

The record-breaking VicenzaOro shows why they are Europe's leading jewelry trade show.

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

The term "record-breaking" sounds so promising! VicenzaOro, the January 2023 Discover More Edition, was a huge success. Does this mean that 2023 will be the best year in jewelry sales? Discover more:

Why chinchillas should be more important than gold.

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

For centuries chinchillas have been hunted until near extinction. 

With much-needed protection, they are slowly returning to one of the most remote and desolate places in Chile. And guess what? There is also gold in this area, and mining companies want it.

REBUS creates handcrafted signet rings and shares why these rings are so personal

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

It is true; we love symbolism and personalizing our jewelry. There are many ways to do so, and signet rings have always played their part. The world has a newfound love for them as trends develop and our fondness for dedicated or personalized jewelry grows. Rebus is a company specializing in signet rings and cufflinks. I sat down with Emmet Smith talking about his lovely company.

FURA' Gems has plunged into Australian sapphires

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

FURA Gems have plunged into the Australian sapphires. New origin, forgotten gem. Read all about how Dev Shetty, the talented president and CEO of FURA Gems, lays the ground for a new narrative. "This new luxury product creates long-term growth opportunities in the jewelry industry,'' he says. Let's see why!

Jewelry Talks in the Garden with Dogs - part 1

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

From Sweden to the Netherlands with love. This is a new and returning item on I am so excited to exchange letters about life, dogs, and jewelry with one of the most lovely people from the jewelry industry. And certainly one of the most appreciated jewelry writers I know! Kina Andersson and I love to chat about many things. Join us! 

Rare rocks that look like...Cookie Monster!

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

When a geologist opened up an agate geode in Brazil, he found what looked like the cookie monster inside. Hilarious!

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