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By Esther Ligthart

The world of jewelry often looks like a fairytale movie. The many colorful people and businesses behind the scenes create the magic that leaves the public enchanted. It's that world behind jewelry that I adore and know so well. I see the jewelry businesses' dreams and goals, but I also have a deep understanding of the many challenges and pitfalls, doubts, and fears.

I have created a few services that may help you to grow your business.
But why work with me?
Because working with me means working with someone who truly understands you and listens to you.
I developed a uniquely comprehensive perspective during 25 years of broad international experience. The services I created can help you to build and grow your business.
Can I help you to achieve your dreams and goals?

(read references about me on my LinkedIn profile here)

Work with Esther


Promote your jewelry company or product to our engaged audience! Book your guest post, and we'll spread the love!


Work with Esther directly for short term advice or a long term collaboration. She helps companies with training, insights, and plans.


One on one coaching with Esther helps you to achieve your goals and reach for your dreams in your jewelry business.


Esther has an impressive list of articles written for jewelry magazines worldwide. She works exclusively with the very best only.


Invite Esther to speak about jewelry related topics at your show or company.

Personal stylist

Hire Esther as your personal advisor and stylist for your perfect jewelry gift.

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