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Hoogenboom & Bogers present jewelry in Alice in Wonderland style and it's amazing!

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Heleen Hoogenboom and Sanne Bogers are Dutch jewelry designers who have a lovely warm organic style. And to present it to their fans and (future) clients they hired the fabulous Dutch fine art photographer Kaat Stieber. This is visual storytelling at its best! 

Boucheron created feline inspired jewelry and it's...amazing!

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

If you own a cat, you'll probably understand every cartoon ever made about cats! Boucheron, the famous Parisian jewelry house, has shown a love for animal-themed jewelry since 1858. Wladimir, a black Persian cat, apparently made the French jewelry boutique its home and became a muse for Boucheron. Recently, the Maison launched a beautiful collection of feline jewelry. For all you cat lovers out there! 

5 tips on how and why to buy your Christmas gift directly from a jewelry designer!

Christmas may seem far away, but retailers in Christmas-celebrating countries have literally nothing else on their minds for months before the festive season.
Buying jewelry that they think you will love, thinking about having enough staff for all the extra opening hours, and what about wrapping paper?
But have you ever wondered about going directly to a jewelry designer? Does it sound intimidating? More costly? Difficult, because perhaps you don't know either what you (or the person you buy for) want?
Here are a few tips and reasons you should consider gifting or receiving a very personal jewel this year, directly made by a jewelry designer.

Buying Jewelry and save wildlife too: Tiffany Save the Wild collection offers you both!

Yes, doing good and giving back is the new sexy, especially regarding marketing efforts for jewelry. But we happily tag along when causes are honestly fabulous (and the jewelry too ;-) )
Tiffany's Save the Wild collection is more than just a stunning collection; let's find out!

Out of the box jewelry design: meet Ineke Otte

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Meet Ineke Otte! She is a unique contemporary jewelry designer whose work I noticed in the Iris Apfel documentary. Let's meet the lady that enchanted Iris Apfel and many others with her imaginative jewelry designs! 

Discovering a true gem in online jewelry shopping: JoyItalianLuxury

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Meet Anna Rita Pinto, the founder of a new concept in online jewelry shopping. JoyItalianLuxury is unique; come and discover why. Italian jewelry delivered on your doorstep, wherever you are!

Jewelry Discovery of the Day: Jacquie Aiche

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

The first words that spring to mind when observing our Jewelry Discovery of the Day: Jacquie Aiche are 'boho chic jewelry'. Her style is relaxed, sensual, and spiritual Much like the designer herself.

Jewelry Discovery of the Day: Michael Aram

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Today I would love to shine a light on the jewelry collection of Michael Aram! Discover the jewelry of this American Armenian artist in this blog!

Jewelry discovery of the Day: Bea Bongiasca

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

In this new series, I’ll be presenting you a jewelry creator, jewelry brand, or jewelry designer every single day. Today it’s all about the fun jewelry world of Bea Bongiasca!

Simone Favarin and his transepochal jewelry concept

Simone Favarin is a jewelry designer that stands out of the crowd. Why? Obviously, his work is gorgeous. From the concept to the actual jewel, it just is beautiful. But that is true for many brands. What makes Simone stand out is the mindful, intellectual approach in his work. And there is more, Simone Favarin and Gieffe Patrimoni have started an alliance together in order to create new possibilities in a world full of challenges.

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