Meet DAVERIO1933 and their world of sculptural jewelry

In the heart of the picturesque city of Bergamo lays a realm where dreams are transformed into tangible wonders. This is the world of sculptural jewelry brand DAVERIO1933. Come and discover what makes this Italian jewelry brand so mesmerizing!



"The roots of Franco Daverio sink into the Italian twentieth century, in that the tradition of making sculpture that was able to look at the history of art as the source of narrative themes." (Sculptor and mentor Fausto Melotti-1901-186)


The Daverio tradition:

Three generations of Daverio, each with their own visions and strengths.


This premise by Fausto Melotti helps us to open our eyes to the "Daverio tradition," a vocation towards art and beauty that began in the early decades of the twentieth century through the impetuous artistic vein of Franco, who, since childhood, expressed his inner and dreamlike world by creating instinctive and emotional images. Franco was one-of-a-kind, refusing to exhibit his many gorgeous sculptures even though consistently invited to do so. While his peers became famous, Franco remained true to his admirable integrity and values.


The creative legacy and the family sculptural tradition shape Luca's creations, leading him to undertake a career as a sculptor of jewels. After having worked and learned from his father the processing techniques and

creative freedom, since the early 80s, he's been making innovative jewelry, the art of a small scale, an expression of a millenary artistic world, a tradition, and a work accumulated over decades of passionate work.


With Pablo's arrival, the new generation breathes freshness and novelty into our collections. Remaining faithful to our corporate philosophy of expressive freedom, our sculptural designs embrace an even more innovative character. They boast unique lines and combinations, always striving for originality —a revitalizing force that infuses new life into our longstanding tradition and accumulated body of work.



How the Daverio1933 story started:

Once upon a time, in the landmark year of 1933, a young prodigy named Franco Daverio set foot on a path that would forever redefine the jewelry world. Picture a young sixteen-year-old, his heart brimming with ambition and his fingertips itching to shape something extraordinary. While his peers may have dreamt of adventures beyond the classroom, Franco found solace and Inspiration amidst the hallowed halls of the School of Applied Arts in Cantù. Little did he know that this seemingly unassuming moment would catalyze an enchanting journey of creativity and craftsmanship that would leave a lasting mark on his family's history. 

Luca Daverio's chapter in the fascinating Daverio1933 story!

Fast forward to the vibrant tapestry of the 1980s, where the stage is set for the next act of this extraordinary tale. Enter Luca, Franco's talented son, whose spirit burns bright with the desire to carry forward his father's legacy. Luca embarks on his own artistic odyssey, a masterful fusion of tradition and innovation. In the heart of the picturesque city of Bergamo, he opens the doors to a realm where dreams are transformed into tangible wonders.

The Daverio1933 jewelry store

Behold the birth of the very first DAVERIO1933 store and goldsmith workshop. Inside, a symphony of creativity unfolds. Luca sets, shapes, and molds precious metals and gemstones into delicate masterpieces. Drawing upon the rich heritage handed down by his father, Luca breathes new life into each creation. The collections come to life, adorned with names like Sculptors of Jewel and Heritage, inviting us to journey through time and experience the awe-inspiring fusion of past and present. 

A few years later, Luca would set up his workshop in the famous jewelry manufacturing town of Valenza; amidst cobblestone streets, Luca's artistic prowess merges with the brilliance of Italy's finest goldsmiths. Their collaboration becomes a harmonious symphony of innovation and tradition, pushing the boundaries of imagination and redefining the very essence of beauty.

Within the walls of this workshop, magic happens. The centuries-old craft intertwines with cutting-edge technologies, breathing life into designs. 

Today, Luca and his son Pablo Daverio welcome you into their beautiful, unique jewelry world! Visit them in their jewelry boutique in Bergamo.



The third generation; the Daverio story, continues.

Pablo Daverio, the third generation, has made a conscious decision by stepping into the footsteps of his father and grandfather. ''The inner vocation towards art and beauty, the curiosity leading to new compositions, and the artistic heritage I grew up with stimulated my interest in drawing and designing jewelry,'' he says. The sculptural part of Daverio is and will always remain critically important to the brand. 

''To me, it is the artistic heritage that surrounded me daily at home during my youth, which is still present in the brand's showroom today, where I have the privilege of working alongside my father. My role as a jewelry designer is intricately connected to all the other responsibilities I undertake both within and outside the showroom. Not only do I focus on designing exquisite jewelry pieces, but I also delve into various creative realms. I oversee photography, videography, and graphic design''.

A glimpse inside the showroom

Pablo continues: ''On the other hand, my father, in his own artistic way, ventures into sculpting and has meticulously attended to every facet of the brand's identity for over three decades. He oversees elements such as the design, packaging, display cabinets, and much more. Each aspect of our design work becomes a canvas through which we express our inner experiences and create our artistic visions''.


Each piece becomes a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence, a celebration of the boundless possibilities within the realm of jewelry. With every stroke of the hammer and every delicate setting of a gemstone, Luca and his team weave stories that transcend time, leaving an indelible mark on the world of adornment.


Esther asked Luca what he found the most fascinating in creating a jewel.

Luca, ''The most fascinating thing for me is materializing ideas into tangible objects and the pleasure I get from sculpting. It's also rewarding to see how happy people are to own a unique piece of jewelry''.

 What is the most complex aspect?

Luca: '' The craftsmanship in creating jewelry is more complicated than one might imagine. The precision required to execute specific details or set gemstones can be on the scale of hundredths of a millimeter. It is also challenging to harmonize different materials in a single piece and enhance the distinctive features of gemstones with the volumes and contrasts of metals. These design phases require sensitivity and expertise''.

Have you ever considered pursuing other professions besides being a goldsmith?

''After completing my studies and trying out various unsatisfying jobs, I found myself in my father's workshop to help him with his goldsmithing work. From the very first strike of the hammer, I was captivated by the pleasure of sculpting. It was love at first sight, and I haven't stopped creating and experimenting with new techniques ever since'' says Luca.


Where do you see the company in the future?

Pablo: '' Knowing that our artistic tradition continues with the third generation, I envision the work being passed down continuously, following the same philosophy of uniqueness. Remaining a small company allows us to pursue creative and artistic work, sometimes customized like an haute couture garment.

Sapphire ring from the Masterpiece collection


 ''Inspiration and passion have always motivated us to create sculptures and objects from the heart. The search for new beauty is an inherent instinct in human nature. Capturing changes in trends and design and being able to interpret them with ever-new forms and objects is a gratifying goal. Fortunately, there is always more to explore and experiment with.''


Can you tell us more about the Ricci collection? 

Luca: '' I find immense joy exploring imagery and observing the world around me. Within these experiences, the Inspiration for the Ricci Collection took shape. I wanted to create something extraordinary – three-dimensional and irregular forms that would capture the essence of nature itself.

Hedgehogs and sea urchins inspire the stunning Ricci collection.

The Ricci Collection was meticulously crafted to create a chiaroscuro effect, mirroring the interplay of light and shadow in the natural world. My goal was to evoke the materiality and spontaneity within nature's embrace. Each piece in the collection is a testament to this vision.

Through countless hours of dedicated handcrafting and employing sophisticated techniques, the jewelry within the Ricci Collection takes on a distinctive and original appearance. The pieces come to life through this delicate process, radiating a unique beauty that combines the artistry of light and shadow.

The Ricci Collection is not merely jewelry but wearable art that tells a story. My passion is to create pieces beyond mere adornment, offering a glimpse into the wonders of the natural world and evoking a sense of awe and wonder. I strive to convey the beauty and intricacies within nature's grasp of every creation.''






 The Daverio1933 showroom and store in Bergamo


More about the Daverio1933: 

  • Tel. +39 035 247975
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Via T. Tasso 25, 24121 Bergamo, Italy
  • 48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai (UAE)




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    DAVERIO1933's sculptural jewelry captures the essence of nature's beauty with unparalleled craftsmanship. A legacy spanning three generations, their creations tell captivating stories through wearable art.


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