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My name is Esther Ligthart, and I entered the world of jewelry almost 30 years ago. This happened in a small Italian town, famous for its jewelry industry quite by accident, but it was love at first sight!
I wore many different hats during my long career, which allowed me to gain unique insights and perspectives. 

It's this broad perspective and long experience that I bring to the table when working with jewelry companies and jewelry professionals. I have gained insights from my work in many different angles of the jewelry industry and bring empathy, understanding, and resourcefulness to the table. Being versatile and adaptable has brought me an open mind and creative thinking. I always think in terms of possibilities and realistic optimism.

For magazines worldwide, I cover subjects on sales and marketing developments, plus interviews and trends. 

And then there is Bizzita! A blog I started in 2013, out of frustration. Visiting jewelry stores in the Benelux and the UK I found that too many carried the same brands. I knew that there was so much more out there! That's why I started blogging. I wanted to share the beauty I had seen with readers. The blog rapidly became a huge success and today Bizzita is one of the top jewelry blogs, with a unique tone of voice, in the world. I know that this blog has inspired people to seek the brands and jewelry we show. But what I really love is that with the stories told we opened the minds of our readers to dare to think differently about color, proportion, and style. This is the feedback I get daily, and I find that immensely valuable. Bizzita is also unique because our readers are both jewelry insiders and out outsiders! Professionals and consumers. 

Discover more of what working with me means in the section Work with Me. 

Who is Esther in her private life? I live with my family in the Dutch countryside and love reading and cooking. I go for long walks with my dog and have discovered a love for CrossFit. Furthermore, I'm perfectly happy when I am in the garden with friends, family, and great food :-)



I have written a great number of articles about jewelry topics for many different trade magazines worldwide. My specialty: marketing and sales articles, interviews with designers and brands, and trend reports.  I have also published opinions and am a columnist for the Dutch Jewelry  Trade Organization FGZ. Here is a small collection of my contributed articles:


Early 90's

Early 90's
My kick-off in jewelry started perhaps working in a jewelry chain store as a manager in my early '20's, yet the real kick-off took place when I moved to Valenza, Italy. The capital of the jewelry world, a small town full of the most amazing artists and craftsmen. I learned everything here and spent hours in jewelry workshops, offices of diamond-and gemstone sellers, and jewelry fairs. This is the town where I ran a jewelry store for 6 years and worked with the family-owned jewelry wholesale business. 


In 1999, I started my jewelry agency, mainly focusing on cool Italian brands. My portfolio contained anything from groundbreaking brands to beautiful high-end classic jewelry with a twist.

In addition, I guided Italian high-end brands at International fairs. They hired my knowledge and trustworthiness, as well as for my natural flair with customers from all over the globe. Also, I speak 3 languages fluently.

When I sold my agency, I started to do freelance work with jewelry brands and companies. I was hired to bring two brands that suffered 'reputational damage' to the market and helped a wholesale company with sales and brand storytelling. I also was a sales manager for an American watch company for a year. 

In the same decade, I worked with a new concept of E-commerce and was their head buyer of fine jewelry.


This is the decade that I started a new adventure. Blogs were this new world where I could share my insights and all that beauty created by the many fantastic jewelry designers, brands and companies worldwide!

Bizzita became a huge success due to its unique tone of voice and content created. It appealed from day One to both consumers as to the jewelry professionals. This is the era where I started to work as a contributor for jewelry magazines, again worldwide. Jewelry retailers and -companies started to work with me, hiring me as a short-term or long-term consultant, and recently, I started coaching goldsmiths, i.e. I help them to achieve their goals and turn dreams into action with online one-on-one sessions. Something I find very fulfilling. 

I speak at trade shows, write opinion articles and am part of different panels and groups. Unique is my huge reach on LinkedIn, where I share posts and articles with more than 30.000 direct jewelry, luxury and publishing connections.

Bizzita is a platform that offers jewelry lovers to gain inspiration, tips and insights. And for jewelry retailers, jewelry brands, designers and all jewelry industries a place to shine brightly!

We know that Bizzita is the ideal matchmaker :-)                                                                                                        With our new Store Locator and Business Locator your store or jewelry company will get found so much easier! I always wanted to provide this service, it makes the platform more interactive and a great resource for everyone interested in jewelry! And there is never a dull moment, we have more coming up soon! 

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