How to Create Easily More Content for Your Jewelry Business Using AI

I recently had the opportunity to speak about trends in our industry. One of those trends is phygital, the merging of virtual and reality.  We expect lots of new AI tools, a further and deeper dive into the virtual possibilities, and AR to influence our jewelry industry. Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, it's all here and will become part of our lives soon. In this blog, I want to take you into the world of ChatGPT. A very useful AI text tool that can make the life of a jewelry business owner so much easier!

The record-breaking VicenzaOro shows why they are Europe's leading jewelry trade show.

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

The term "record-breaking" sounds so promising! VicenzaOro, the January 2023 Discover More Edition, was a huge success. Does this mean that 2023 will be the best year in jewelry sales? Discover more:

"The Mechanical Marvels: 5 Must-Know Facts About Automatic Watches

| Esther Ligthart | Watches

If you love watches, you adore automatic watches. I have heard this so many times, but is this true? What makes automatic watches so special? And do they have a place in a world where smartwatches dominate the markets? 

5 Reasons to Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds (Or Maybe Not)

Whenever I visit a jewelry show, there is a big fat chance that I stumble upon arguments between people about diamonds. With the arrival of lab-grown diamonds in the jewelry arena, things changed. This blog discusses the pros and cons, what I would choose and what you need to know.

Experience the Magic of Premier jewelry show VicenzaOro: Where Passion and Inspiration Come Together

VicenzaOro is an international jewelry trade show in Vicenza, Italy, every January (and September). This year, the show takes place from January 20-24, 2023. And I can't wait to go, explore, get enchanted and meet you there! 

The Fascinating World of Star Sapphires

The first time I saw a star sapphire, I was mesmerized! I couldn't stop rotating it and observing the star pattern on this magnificent blue gemstone. My love for star sapphires has never stopped. Did you know that people wore these gemstones in Sri Lanka to protect against the evil eye? 



MUSE launches new Charming Initiative

| Esther Ligthart | Brands & Designers

Muse, a New York-based fine jewelry agency, launches a new Charming Initiative with Meeling Wong, featuring a curated selection of upcycled and recycled charms. A project that aims to do good and is ticking those sustainability boxes deserves a spot here on Bizzita!

Why chinchillas should be more important than gold.

| Esther Ligthart | News & Stories

For centuries chinchillas have been hunted until near extinction. 

With much-needed protection, they are slowly returning to one of the most remote and desolate places in Chile. And guess what? There is also gold in this area, and mining companies want it.

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