Jewelry Journeys: My Encore at the Istanbul Jewelry Show!

I’m thrilled to be returning to the Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) for a second time this April 17 - 20, 2024. My first visit was an unforgettable whirlwind of the dazzling Turkish jewelry world that captured my heart. Now, as I prepare to dive into the glamour and splendor of one of the top five jewelry shows around the globe and Türkiye’s flagship international jewelry B2B platform, the excitement is real.


The 55th edition of the IJS

The 55th edition of the IJS is poised to make a significant impact and is projected to contribute an impressive $5 billion to the jewelry sector's exports in 2024. With anticipation building, more than 33,500 visitors from over 140 countries are expected to flock to the Istanbul Expo Center. The show will be a pivotal platform for one-on-one trade agreements and substantial orders, spotlighting its crucial role in fulfilling 80% of the sector's export demands.

Türkiye, the world's third-largest jewelry producer!

Türkiye, standing proudly as the world's third-largest jewelry producer, saw its exports exceed $7 billion in 2023. The ambition for 2024 is to maintain this momentum, with a large portion of international sales set to stem from the vibrant interactions and transactions at IJS. This synergy, a blend of Informa Markets' global expertise and nearly 40 years of IJS's rich history, promises to make this edition a landmark event, driving massive trade volumes, mainly through its renowned international buyer program.

This isn't just any jewelry show; it's a forward-looking exploration of what the future holds for the industry. With WGSN, the trend-setting forecasting authority, ready to unveil the future jewelry trends for Fall & Winter 24/25, we're on the brink of discovering the next wave of innovative designs, materials, and colors destined to redefine the industry's landscape.

1,500 jewelry companies and brands

The show will feature an impressive lineup of over 1,500 companies and brands, showcasing everything from exquisite gold and diamonds to pearls, colored stones, silver, and beyond. It represents a comprehensive snapshot of the jewelry industry's vast offerings, from raw materials and refined pieces to the latest in tech and tools that keep the jewelry world shining brightly.

Moreover, the IJS is a testament to the strength and diversity of the global jewelry community, bringing together professionals from Eastern Europe to the Near East, from Russia to North Africa, and from the CIS Countries to the Middle East. It's a melting pot of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and inspiration.

Almost ready to take off to the Istanbul Jewelry Show (and why you should too)

As I prepare to immerse myself again in this enchanting world, I can’t wait to share all the insights, trends, and behind-the-scenes looks with you. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the jewelry industry or share your passion for all things sparkling, the IJS is a beacon of inspiration. Visiting this show for the second time around will be a delight. Follow me on LinkedIn for daily updates!




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