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Beautiful Black Bracelets!

Black jewelry carries an air of mystery and elegance, captivating those drawn to its gothic allure and those who appreciate its understated chic. From the deep tones of black stones and the unique luster of black gold to the timeless sophistication of black diamonds, the appeal of black jewelry is universal. In our curated collection, you'll discover an array of black bracelets, each showcasing a distinct style. Whether you're a long-time admirer of black jewelry or looking for your next cherished piece, you might just find your new favorite among our selections.

The Fascinating World of Star Sapphires

The first time I saw a star sapphire, I was mesmerized! I couldn't stop rotating it and observing the star pattern on this magnificent blue gemstone. My love for star sapphires has never stopped. Did you know that people wore these gemstones in Sri Lanka to protect against the evil eye? 



Jewelry design needs inspiration first, but what is inspiration anyway?

The moment you looked up and felt ‘’Eureka!’’ or the moment you saw something or someone and knew what you wanted…A Divine inspiration, an all-traffic-stopping moment? We all know that most jewelry collections start with inspired jewelry designers, but what the hell is inspiration anyway? 

27 Animal Jewelry Pieces that will take your breath away!

Animals and jewelry are a dreamlike combination. The beauty of the animal itself plus the symbolism that we attribute to them makes us fall in love over and over again with animal jewelry creations made by the most gifted jewelry designers and artisans.

LOCALISM or the newfound love for HYPERLOCAL, another massive trend for the coming years

Have you noticed how local stores are gaining popularity? From fresh local produce to locally made arts and crafts. We are turning our heads and hearts towards our own communities. Even if this trend was visible before the pandemic started, the pandemic and its consequences likely significantly impacted embracing it. Here is what it means for jewelers, jewelry stores, goldsmiths, local jewelry companies, and jewelry designers.

The first BIG trend for the jewelry industry in 2022

The first big trend is a direct result of ongoing changes in consumer behavior mixed with the absurd reality we have all experienced in the past 2 years living with a pandemic. Jewelry is so meaningful for people. No one needs it, but we long for it, our talisman, our tangible memory of loving moments and people in our lives. I think that we'll long even more for jewelry in the future. But we need to adapt. This is the first of a series about mega trends in jewelry and for the jewelry industry. 

Jewelry and the Galaxy, a love from the moon and back

There is magic in the sky. The Universe has always been an inspiration for storytellers and artists. The same goes for jewelry creators and watchmakers. As visual storytelling artists, they create jewelry and watches to remind us of the magic in the sky.

5 tips on how and why to buy your Christmas gift directly from a jewelry designer!

Christmas may seem far away, but retailers in Christmas-celebrating countries have literally nothing else on their minds for months before the festive season.
Buying jewelry that they think you will love, thinking about having enough staff for all the extra opening hours, and what about wrapping paper?
But have you ever wondered about going directly to a jewelry designer? Does it sound intimidating? More costly? Difficult, because perhaps you don't know either what you (or the person you buy for) want?
Here are a few tips and reasons you should consider gifting or receiving a very personal jewel this year, directly made by a jewelry designer.

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