Tip for the Holiday Season! Auvere: stunningly designed gold investment jewelry

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Investing in gold and wearing it at the same time? Meet Auvere jewelry, a great idea for the upcoming holidays! 

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 2

The Holidays are getting close, here is a jewelry brand I discovered:

When I discovered Auvere, I immediately fell in love with the whole brand.
The storytelling, the idea, the angle everything made perfect sense! And what’s more; I thought the jewelry itself was hot, clearly designed and crafted with the women of today in mind! Whether you love contemporary jewelry, embrace the artistic style, endorse the modest or minimalist style, Auvere will appeal to you as much as it did to me!

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 1

So what is so different about Auvere?
First of all; Auvere's philosophy about gold jewelry is a great way to approach fine jewelry. Think of the perfect win-win situation. You own a piece of gold jewelry that is actually cool and beautiful, but you get more gold in each piece since Auvere only works with 22 and 24 karat gold. Moreover, as Auvere tells it, your high karat Auvere piece will cost a lot less than a similarly sized piece made and 18k

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 3

How do they do this? Auvere keeps its operational costs low.
They have no brick and mortar, no star endorsement, and no costly advertising. What they do have, along with a lot of beautiful jewelry, is Gina Love Auvere's creative director who is passionate about design and gold.

A story of love & Jewelry

When Steven Feldman and Gina Love met, she was practicing real estate law at a large New York City law firm. And from the moment he became aware of Gina's passion for design, Steven encouraged her to make design and creativity a priority.
I hear stories like this way too with my own friends. Young people often are kindly pushed; by their loved ones; towards a sensible career choice. From what I can see creative souls who get stuck in the wrong career path often struggle to cope with their inner longing for creative expression. ln order to appease her need for a creative life, Gina pursued photography. This led her to take night classes at the International Center of Photography and eventually, Parsons School of Design. She created a leather goods company called Peryton (www.peryton.com), which showcases her love of fine craftsmanship and obsession with creative design. All of these experiences, plus Steven's encouragement and business acumen culminated in the creation of Auvere

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 4

When you look Auvere.com, you immediately understand that this is not some random jewelry company. Auvere.com is appealing, easy and pleasurable to navigate and scroll through — like you would a magazine.
The photography is striking and original. It stands out in a sea of poorly kept pages I encounter so often, or those with a million things going on before the first fold.
This is Gina. This is how she sees design. This is clearly her sense of aesthetics. And she carries this taste for beauty all the way through her collections of jewelry.

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 5

The Jewelry

As I mentioned above Auvere uses only 22 and 24 karat gold to create its jewelry collections There are no gemstones, so no extra cost for those stones, nor for the extra work it requires to set them into the jewelry. What you see is literally what you get.
So when you purchase Auvere jewelry, you can wear your investment around your finger,
neck, ear or arm! What a great way to enjoy investing ;-)
Every detail is essential, but nothing speaks more than the jewelry itself!
So let's dive into the uber stylish gold jewelry of Auvere!

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 6

Overall comment on Auvere jewelry

Ok —so I am a sucker for a well-told story. And I am very fond of love stories. But I am also looking at Auvere from a perspective of my love for business, customer journeys, marketing, sales and- online experiences. I look at the people behind the company (I've enjoyed several down-to-earth conversations with Steven). All too often companies hide behind a lot of beautifully written words—that don’t reveal anything authentic about the people behind the business or the vision of the company.
These are the things I noted to be very different about Auvere. And then there is the jewelry. It's so cool, so chic, thus appealing to a broad public! I am sure that Millennials are Gen Z will love it, but I am neither of those and yet I think that many of my generations will absolutely embrace it too. It has everything to do with style and design. However, when buying a piece of Auvere jewelry, you can actually say that you have invested your money in gold. And that has been a good idea for over 3000 years!
Would you like to shop now? You’ll find the online jewelry store of Auvere
here: Auvere.com
Ps. Scroll down to discover my very own personal favorite

 Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry braceletRingNecklace

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry bracelet

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry bracelet. earrings necklace Ring

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry bracelet. earrings necklace Ring1

Auvere Investment Gold Jewelry 7


 Personal favorite: https://auvere.com/product/firebolt-earring-tall/

 Disclaimer: this blog has been created, with love, in cooperation with Auvere.


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    It’s gorgeous!


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    This is amazing. I like the idea of buying Gold jewelry for both wearing & investment.


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    Amazing guide i really appreciate it to buy gold jewelry either for wearing (like on special events ) or for investment. Great thanks once again


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