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The Glorious Evolution of OroArezzo: Celebrating Made-in-Italy Jewelry in the Tuscan Hills

Step into the enchanting world of OroArezzo, an extraordinary trade show that captivates the hearts of jewelry industry professionals. I embarked on my first visit to OroArezzo. This blog aims to take you on an immersive experience, providing an insider's glimpse into the glorious evolution of OroArezzo.

OroArezzo showcases a world of Italian quality jewelry manufacturing!

Get ready for an exciting jewelry trade show happening from May 13th to 16th at Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, brought to you by the Italian Exhibition Group.

This is THE platform for quality jewelry manufacturing, featuring top producers showcasing unique creations and private labels. And guess what? It's not just about gold and silver but also sustainable jewelry, tech, and a supply chain that's all about the ethical origins of raw materials! Plus, there's even a B-Corp! Don't miss out on this fantastic event!

How to Create Easily More Content for Your Jewelry Business Using AI

I recently had the opportunity to speak about trends in our industry. One of those trends is phygital, the merging of virtual and reality.  We expect lots of new AI tools, a further and deeper dive into the virtual possibilities, and AR to influence our jewelry industry. Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, it's all here and will become part of our lives soon. In this blog, I want to take you into the world of ChatGPT. A very useful AI text tool that can make the life of a jewelry business owner so much easier!

Experience the Magic of Premier jewelry show VicenzaOro: Where Passion and Inspiration Come Together

VicenzaOro is an international jewelry trade show in Vicenza, Italy, every January (and September). This year, the show takes place from January 20-24, 2023. And I can't wait to go, explore, get enchanted and meet you there! 

VicenzaOro September 2022, sparkling optimism rules among jewelry buyers and exhibitors.

| Esther Ligthart | Business & Industry

From the 9th till the 13th of September, Vicenza's beautiful town flooded again with jewelry professionals. Despite the many challenges, such as soaring energy prices, to name just one, the mood on the floor was remarkably optimistic. 

Five reasons why you should visit VicenzaOro this September

VicenzaOro has grown to become one of the most critical jewelry shows worldwide.
Promises are that this September is going to be spectacular. Here are five reasons why jewelry professionals should visit the show!

A small guide into the Metaverse (for jewelers and others)

The Metaverse.
Some think it's the new exciting online world: a dream, the next big idea!
Others warn that it might be a Utopian dream for now, but it could just as well feel like a mall if we don't watch out.
What is the Metaverse exactly?
And what opportunities does it offer for jewelry businesses?


Jewelry shows offer a great opportunity of bringing together people and businesses. Is there room for improvement? Always. One of the things that matter to me is the missed opportunity of engaging audiences during talks and speeches. It could be so much better! 

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Hi there! I am Esther, and welcome to the beautiful world of jewelry! My jewelry journey started 30 years ago, and it never stopped enchanting me. My long international career in the jewelry industry gives me a unique perspective, and my never fading enthusiasm is what I love to share with you here. I hope you are as curious as I am; by exploring blogs and images, you might discover jewelry you didn't even know existed! For the jewelry professionals among you, there are lots of blogs with tips, tricks, and insights. Happy reading!

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