The 6 biggest and most beautiful jewelry trends for 2021

From Zoom meetings to working from home. Jewelry and fashion professionals had to adapt swiftly to a very unique and new way of how we live. Does that change the jewelry trends at all for 2021? Let’s dive into the beautiful world of jewelry and unveil the biggest and most beautiful jewelry trends for the next year!


Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog

Jewelry trends in the Zoom era

I don’t know about you, but Zoom meetings are exhausting! Over the years, people have always envied me for working from home. How about you? I remember that after years of working anywhere but home, I felt a relief to not dress up anymore. What was the point anyway? I was the mother of a young child. Covered in peanut butter and whatnot anyway. Between you and me, there were times in winter where I put pants over my pajamas and dropped my son at school like that. A two-minute walk, dark outside, who cares!

Obviously, I went back to dressing myself and putting make-up on again. Not because of a Zoom meeting, where I could have turned up with a well-dressed torso, wearing sweatpants. But because ultimately, our clothes do have an impact on how we feel and carry ourselves through the day, or through an occasion. It’s setting our mood. It’s kind of empowering us too.

Jewelry trends 2021Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Communication, that’s what fashion and jewelry also are.

This is why it is important to care. Not in just a superficial way, I think we will turn away surely from feeling obligated to show we belong by wearing what we think we should wear in order to belong. We will inevitably grow towards embracing what suits us. This is a natural thing for people anyway, as they grow older and know better what suits them and to avoid.

Jewelry trends 2021 Brent neale

Brent Neale

Our choices, values, and lifestyles; if anything, fashion is communication. Fashion (and to a lesser extent: jewelry) trends are a translation of anything happening in our cultural, geopolitical world. What you wear does tell a story. And stories have always been part of who we are as humans. Stories pass on the lessons and lives of others, to apply, and to remember. What is it that you wear? What is your story?

Jewelry trends are born, but grow slower and last longer

Trends in jewelry emerge as a response to what people experience and see. Like in fashion editorials. To be fair, however, we would like to see it differently-we in our lovely fine jewelry world, that is- most fashion brands are way better at translating cultural sentiment and the time spirit into objects than we are. 

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Aisha Baker earrings

Aisha Baker

See, in fine jewelry, we think of gemstones and metal first. And that is wonderful too. We create objects that we hope will last a lifetime if not longer. We know that people who buy these jewelry pieces want it to be as relevant tomorrow as it is today. So yes, single earrings are big on the runway. But merely a fun side dish for fine jewelry brands. 

High-end jewelry trends is a different game

Everything changes though, when you go to high-end jewelry designers that have a clientele that can afford to go what others would call “over the top’’ If you have been around a bit, like yours truly, you stop seeing it as over the top and love, no, adore what their creative minds and skillful hands are able to create. Masterpieces!. They simply have the clientele that can afford to be whimsical and buy something non-traditional, uber fashionable, and entertainingly beautiful.

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Paiget 


We, bloggers and journalists, tend to always get very excited about these designers and their jewelry! It’s a joy. It truly is, to play with the most incredible pieces of jewelry. (for some of my peers; this is also the jewelry with the biggest WOW factor! It’s what will gain the most likes and shares. And not always am I fond of how they treat it as just such)

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Foundrae


Twenty twentyone

We don’t know how 2021 will go. This year has taught us that bigger forces can change our daily life on a massive scale any day. Whether we still work all from home, or just partially, as many will do in the nearby future, or simply be back in your workplace full-time, the biggest jewelry trends are also very wearable. They are about making an impact yet easy to wear. It’s about making a statement, but also about showing through what you wear who you are.

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Pendants

Marlo Laz, Eera, Colette, Briony Raymond

In real-life conditions, we have so many stimuli that we scan people far quicker than we do online. We have to concentrate on a very small portion of a person on screen and what we wear matters. What others see when they look at you on their laptop is pure communication. 

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Hermes Chain


The 6 biggest and most beautiful trends for 2021 are:

Jewelry trend nr.1: Pearls. From being a snob to becoming instantly cool

Once the preferred jewelry of upper-class snobs and probably your grandmother. Perhaps not something that sparks the idea of instant coolness in your mind. But some stylists pushed pearls on fashion- and pop icons. And people noticed. It was almost shocking. Oh, and yes, these icons were predominantly males.

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog yokoLondon

Yoko London

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Bibivandervelden

Bibi Van der Velden

Jewelry trends 2021 Yoko London

Yoko London

Jewelry trends 2021 Yokolondon

Yoko London

Pearls were on the rise over the past years. And for a good reason. Pearls are sensual. Worn like a collar around the neck, they look immensely chic and utterly sexy. Worn in layers or indeed like the Chanel version of very long strands of pearl necklaces, it brings any outfit immediately together. Pearls are increasingly popular in modern and contemporary jewelry pieces and are the perfect choice for you, who love sleek and cool jewelry that lasts ( and pretend a bit of upper-class snobbery is kind of fun ;-))

Jewelry trend nr.2: Chain jewelry. Links to love

Jewelry trends 2021Walters Faith

Walthers Faith bracelet

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Chainscolor

Eera colored white gold bracelet ( Pink and Blue) and Lizzie Fortunato (fashion jewelry)

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Hermes


Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog chains links bracelet

Hermés and Givenchy on the models. Jamie Wolf, Moritz Glik and Eera in the middle

Another oldie goldie. We love chains. Why? The structure is both simple and beautiful. It can be subtle or extremely bold and almost aggressive. Cute or Punk. Handmade chains, stones incorporated: perhaps some diamonds. Salt & pepper, natural, colored, or lab-grown. It’s all good. Chains are perfect. They are versatile and I have one tip for you: should you invest in a beautiful chain one day, you know, not just a plain small one, but a nice link, in gold or silver and to a lesser extent; in other metals, buy the bracelet too. If the clasp is nicely done, you can use the bracelet to create a long version of the necklace. You will never get tired of this trend.

Jewelry trend nr.3: Tell your story with a pendant, charms, and talisman jewelry

Pendants are these versatile items that can change a plain necklace or indeed even a leather cord, into a noticeable adornment. Pendants have the spectacular capacity of drawing attention to themselves. People will always notice a pendant. It’s a conversational piece of jewelry. Charm bracelets are back too. But be aware; charms are vulnerable if worn on a bracelet. Also; instead of creating attention, it distracts. It’s noisy and can be uncomfortable to wear. Other than that, we seek meaning. In times of joy, but even more in times of hardship.

Jewelry trends 2021 Ashley MCCormick Pendant Cross

Ashley McCormick

Jewelry trends 2021 Sylvie Corbelin pendants

Sylvia Corbelin pendants

Jewelry trends 2021Shay bracelet


Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Necklacependant

 Monica Rich Kosann pendant with moon and stars, MOM necklace by Marlo Laz, colored letters on a necklace by Luisa Alexander, cameo, and shells necklace by Grainne Morton, and LOVE necklace also by Marlo Laz

We seek connection and we seek strength, good fortune, healing even. A talisman has always meant lots of things to humans from the earliest of times. It’s therefore too, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The ultimate storyteller of all jewelry pieces.

Jewelry trend nr4. Sexy hoop earrings

Did you notice how we are revisiting mostly classic pieces of jewelry in a new jacket? I certainly see a pattern. And it makes sense. In uncertain times we turn to the classics. In good times, we experiment with new things. Having said that; the hoop is rightfully holding on to its status of classic, everlasting eye candy. I mean, show me a man or a woman, or anyone indeed that doesn’t look fantastic with hoop earrings.

Jewelry trends 2021 Pomellato


Jewelry trends 2021 Van Gelder 3

Van Gelder Jewellery 

Jewelry trends 2021 Van Gelder 2

Van Gelder Jewellery

Jewelry trends 2021 Bernard JamesEarrings

Bernard James 

From the smallest to the boldest. From chunky to slim. Glittering with diamonds or zirconia, in silver or gold. Hoop earrings are always a safe bet and a sexy bet too. You might not agree, but besides that long single sleek earring, I think that hoops are the sexiest of earrings. On everyone!

Jewelry trend nr 5: more earrings, please!

Yes, earrings are perfect for the time of Zoom meetings. Why? They frame your face. They bring a sparkle. Wear big earrings and no necklace and you’ll look amazing. Wear a simple pearl or be as edgy as you can with that one single earring. 

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog BalengiacaBibi van derveldenearrings

Balenciaga and Bibi van der Velden

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Nomis jewellery Earrings

Nomis Jewelry

Don’t feel sorry for me, I love the countryside, but it’s not the greatest place to walk around with a single earring. All the time it’s like; ‘’excuse me, Miss, you seem to have lost an earring’’. hahaha.  But perhaps you live in a far more cosmopolitan area, where people are much cooler. 

Personally, I love the single earring. It’s not the greatest piece of jewelry in terms of long term investment probably, but it just gives (almost ;-) ) anyone an instant hip factor. From chandeliers to diamonds, from bright and bold to long and silky satiny smoothness. From 22kt gold to traditional Indian style jewelry. It’s all good. Wear it with confidence and why not; a bit of attitude. 

Jewelry Trends 2021 Jewelryblog Lydia courteille

Lydia Courteille

Jewelry trends 2021 Van Gelder 1

Van Gelder Jewellery

Jewelry trends 2021 Van Gelder

Van Gelder Jewellery

Jewelry trend nr.6: silver linings. Silver jewelry comes back with a bang

I am so happy to see silver making a comeback. After years of mostly yellow gold jewelry ( which I also happen to love), we finally can embrace silver jewelry again. Yes, I know. You have been probably wearing yours regardless of what the fashion gods predicted. But when something like silver jewelry crawls back to the favor of those gods, we can expect to see new and exciting things from brands that specialize in silver jewelry. What I love about silver jewelry is that it somehow feels more democratic. Sounds weird and I beg you to bear with me, English is not my first language. But silver jewelry is more affordable.

Jewelry trends 2021 Roberto COIN

Roberto Coin (all three pictures) 

And apart from shitty made products, mostly from China, but not only, but there is also a whole world out there of exciting products and brands creating amazing, great, exciting, and trend loving jewelry! It is a beautiful material. Here is a little tip: some fine jewelry brands such as Tiffany or Roberto Coin also do a silver jewelry line. This is where you will find refined beautifully designed precious silver jewelry. Impeccable taste and beautifully executed are guaranteed. But check out also those who always created their jewelry in silver; they might surprise you! 

Jewelry trends 2021 Roberto Coin silver

Jewelry trends 2021 Roberto COIN.1




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