Dreamboule creates new amazing collection: My Secret Glasshouse

Dreamboule is a jewelry company from Milan creating stunning super-niche jewelry. Their latest collection is called My Secret Glasshouse.

Dreamboule is a company built by Beniamino Crocco.
He grew up in an Haute Horlogerie family; his father, Carlo, was the founder of the Swiss Maison of Hublot in 1980.
Beniamino studied Industrial design and created a whole career in research and design before starting Dreamboule in 2018.
I was pleased to observe their fabulous jewelry a few years ago, pre-Covid, during VicenzaOro.

My Secret Glasshouse's new collection is crafted in 18-karat rose gold, studded with a shaded pavé of white diamonds and colorful gemstones matched to the multi-faceted Nanosital glass dome.
By pushing the white diamond brilliant-cut set on the ring like a button, thanks to a lever mechanism (developed by Dreamboule), the dome opens, showing the hidden magical scenery. There are nine different colors; to keep them magical and rare, there are only 3 rings created per color. And each contains a lovely little insect inside, like a secret amulet.

I think this company is hugely niche, the rings are bold and whimsical, but they are also full of unexpected details and incredible in execution and design. The jewelry is so exceptional and beautiful that even if you would not consider buying it yourself, you can't help but want to look closer. Each ring draws you in like Alice in Wonderland. I love how this company seeks to enchant us!


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