Buying Jewelry and save wildlife too: Tiffany Save the Wild collection offers you both!

Yes, doing good and giving back is the new sexy, especially regarding marketing efforts for jewelry. But we happily tag along when causes are honestly fabulous (and the jewelry too ;-) )
Tiffany's Save the Wild collection is more than just a stunning collection; let's find out!

Jewelry for a good cause

When it comes to doing good, Tiffany seems on fire lately. Ahead in the game of responsible sourcing gems and precious metals and not shying away from cultural phenomenons in their advertising.
Occasionally, they might get it a little wrong. The Not Your Mother's Tiffany campaign was not just a little off, but come on, young people buying the kind of jewelry Tiffany sells don't do this because they are so current, edgy, or fashionable. They buy it because it's a heritage name, status, or peace of mind about quality and guarantees. But they tried, and let's move on; we all make mistakes.

Tiffany donated more than $10 million to the Wildlife Conservation Network

Tiffany has donated more than $10 million from their Tiffany Save the Wild collection sales directly to the Wildlife Conservation Network to help protect Africa's elephants, rhinos, and lions, and, more recently, Australia's koalas.
They don't donate just a percentage of their sales, but a complete 100% goes directly to the Wildlife Conservation Network.
This is huge, and this is a significant contribution that will help loads.

The Wildlife Conservation Network is an organization that embraces a holistic approach to wildlife conservation. It helps communities near-certain endangered species to become protectors of those animals and so much more. Please read all about it on their website:

The jewelry designed for this specific collection is lovely! A stylish interpretation of the species selected by Tiffany. In silver and gold, with or without diamonds. Prices start at €290- for the small silver pendant. For a little more, you have the necklace included.

Symbolism, Talisman, and Purpose

Why buying a jewel from this collection? Well, if you weren't already on board with the above explanation about the collection, let's talk about symbolism, talismans, and purpose.

Symbolism: the jewel represents a symbol. It might be the actual animal itself, and a lion might be about being fierce or the king or queen of something. As a talisman, it might bring you courage or strength and, as a purpose, protecting the species and nature in general.
The same goes for the koala jewelry collection, the rhino jewels, and the elephant jewelry.
It's an excellent gift for yourself. And let's face it: THE perfect gift to give to someone else. From beloved friends and family, and why not: as a gift to an appreciated employee or client.


 Unfortunately, a horrific image that we have all seen not long ago when Australia was burning

When in doubt, go for something that has a story to it. Go for something that promises to bring good to this planet. And as an animal lover with an animal-loving family, I can only applaud and shine a bright light on each jewelry brand that goes the extra mile for animals.

Do you know a brand that does something good for the planet or has another good cause at heart? Or are you such a brand? Write me about it and we shine a loving light on you or that brand here on Bizzita and share it with our 40.000 followers on LinkedIn! 



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